AG Yost calls for full-court press on predators

COLUMBUS, Ohio — As men’s college basketball tournament games got underway in Columbus today, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost was asking for a full-court press… on predators.“Human trafficking is modern-day slavery,” said Attorney General Yost.

“Criminals who are involved in trafficking other human beings prey upon those already at risk in our society, subjecting them to prostitution and addiction. Rescuing trafficking survivors and helping them to build new lives starts when each of us takes notice of what’s happening around us, and we call for help.”

Nationwide Arena welcomed Attorney General Yost to post information about the National Human Trafficking Hotline around their venue as two days of first- and second-round men’s college basketball tournament games began there. Thousands of fans visiting from around Ohio and the nation to watch those games will see the numbers they can call or text to help a person subjected to trafficking.