Jeff Rose has continued to carry the skills and experiences from the Meigs County Fair and related activities with him throughout his life. Submitted photo.

Making a difference for youth through the Meigs County Fair: Jeff Rose

When you support the Meigs County Fair you are helping to provide opportunities and skills that last a lifetime. One of the individuals that has had those skills and opportunities continue to impact his entire life is Jeff Rose.

In his own words, “It’s hard for me to put it in a few short sentences the many things I experienced and learned from 4-H & FFA. I first learned about 4-H when my older brother joined. This was before I was old enough to join. I saw all the things that he got to do and I wanted to be a part of it. When I was able to join 4-H let me tell you…I was beyond excited! I got to take projects that I chose and I was interested in, such as fishing, rope, gardening, birds & livestock projects.”

It went beyond just local activities though, “Being able to take part in the activities is just a small part of what 4-H was to me. I went to camps where I met people from all over the state. I got to exhibit projects at the Meigs County and the Ohio State Fairs. I also had the honor of being the Meigs County Fair King in 1995, and represent Meigs County at other fairs and events.”

Rose said that what he gained in his youth through the Meigs County Fair and related activities has stayed with him throughout this life. “Often when people hear FFA they automatically think it is all about farming and animals but it is so much more. I got to take projects that were not necessarily agriculture based such as wood working, parliamentary procedure, welding, work study programs, soils , and forestry. These projects taught me the hidden aspects of agriculture and things I could used in my later life. I also got to exhibit projects at the fair. I also got to participate in many different contests, go to camps, and even got to go the national convention in Kansas City. By doing these things I was able to learn new skills and meet lots of different people from very different backgrounds.”

The skills and experiences from in youth are still used by Rose. “As I look back at just how these organizations impacted me, I find that the many of skills I learned in 4-H and FFA, I use them today and they are very helpful in my job as a Park Ranger at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. I also made many lifelong friends and I met the love of my life somewhere along the way while participating in these activities. “

He added, “I’m grateful for my 4-H & FFA experiences and would encourage the youth of today to participate in these organizations.”