Recognizing National Crime Victims’ Rights Week locally and remembering victims

Shoes line the Pomeroy Parking lot representing the 516 new crime victims in Meigs County in 2018. Photo by Carrie Gloeckner.

POMEROY, Ohio – National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is April 8-April 14, 2019. During this week, victims of crime are honored including remembering those whose lives have been cut short due to crime.

This years’ national theme is “Honoring Our Past. Creating Hope for the Future.” The colors are blue, gold and orange.

According to a statement from a joint statement from James Stanley, Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney, and Theda Petrasko, Crime Victim Service Director, “We will have out Crime Victim Shoe Display and our Homicide Memorial Display along the river in Pomeroy. Each Shoe represents each of the 516 new crime victims we had in Meigs County during 2018. Each shoe tag reads, “I was a victim of ________” to represent the crime that person endured.”

Awareness ribbons will be available to the community and can be picked up at the Meigs County Prosecutor’s Office or the Meigs County Courthouse on the third floor in window of the lobby.

A child’s shoe representing a child victim of sexual assault in Meigs County. Photo by Carrie Gloeckner.

According to the statement, “The victim’s rights movement began through a shared hope for healing, a hope for change and a hope to be heard. The legacy of commitment and passion lives on today. We remember the movement’s first leaders as we honor our past and create hope for the future.”

The statement continued, “We must work together to creat hope for the future of crime victims’ services. Our efforts cannot succeed without the contributions of local law enforcement, victim advocates, prosecutors, probation and parole officers, child and family services, community leaders and members, educators, coaches, parents and others. When victims feel understood and supported, they are more likely to seek services, which leads to a stronger and more resilient community.”

In addition to shoes that line the Pomeroy Parking Lot representing Meigs County Crime Victims, there is a memorial wall in front of the Meigs County Courthouse remembering those that were homicide victims.

During their regularly scheduled meeting last week, the Meigs County Commissioners approved a proclamation concerning National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

The proclamation reads,” Whereas, Americans are victims of more than 20 million crimeeach year and crime can touch the lives of anyone regardless of age, origin, race, religion, and gender. Whereas, many victims’ face challenges in finding appropriate services, including victims with disabilities, young victims, elderly victims, and others. Whereas, too many communities feel disconnected from the justice and social response systems, and have lost trust in the ability of those systems to recognize and respond to their needs. Whereas, victims of repeat victimization that fail to receive supportive services are at greater risk for long-term consequences of crime. Whereas, the victim service community has worked for decades to create an environment for victims that is safe, supportive, and effective. Whereas, honoring the rights of victims, including the right to be heard and to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. Whereas, we are dedicated to serving victims, building trust and restoring hope for justice and healing.”

The proclamation was signed by not only the Meigs County Commissioners, but additionally by Common Pleas Court Judge Linda Warner, County Court Judge Mick Barr, Juvenile Judge Scott Powell, Prosecutor James Stanley, Sheriff Keith Wood, from Child and Adult Protective Services Terri Ingels, and from Crime Victim Services Theda Petrasko.