Making a difference for youth through the Meigs County Fair: Randy Moore

Randy Moore

When you support the Meigs County Fair you are helping to provide opportunities and skills that last a lifetime. One of the individuals that has benefited from organizations involved with the fair and through experiences at the fair is Randy Moore.

Several youth organizations are involved with the Meigs County Fair. Randy Moore believes they have helped to shape him along the way. “I joined the Cub Scouts when I was in second grade, roughly 2007/2008. I had been in for a few years until I crossed over into the Boy Scouts in the Fall of 2009. I had entered fair projects almost every year that I was in, even as a cub. Scouting taught me values and skills that I otherwise wouldn’t have learned such as basic survival techniques and general mannerisms. From 2015-current I became a shooting sports camp counselor. I was tasked with the responsibility of teaching younger scouts how to properly use firearms and archery equipment.”

Additionally, Moore has been involved in FFA. “Since my entrance into high school as a freshman, I joined the FFA. I had always enjoyed doing agricultural related things and had grown up around it. I later then got involved with the high schools shop class where I was able to learn and grow more as an individual and create useful projects, often donated to various organizations. I received my Ag cord along with an FFA degree,” Moore said.

He believes both organizations have helped to make him the person he is today. His experiences in leadership from involvement with those organizations and the Meigs County Fair have aided in his development. “Both FFA and Scouting helped shaped me into the person I am today. I’ve always had a heart for helping others, therefore I enlisted in the United States Air Force and left shortly after my graduation of high school. The military was never on my list of things to do, but it provided me a way to help others and to be a part of somethings bigger than myself. The common theme I found within these organizations is that helping others is a selfless and thankless task. Learning that from a young age has made me into a better person than I would’ve ended up if I had not jumped on the opportunities of these amazing organizations,” Moore said.