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Landscaping Contest Winners Announced

Meigs Creek 4-H Club took first place in the Landscape Contest. Photo from Meigs County Fair.

Landscaping Contest Winners Announced

MEIGS COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS, Ohio – Areas of the Meigs County Fairgrounds are even more festive during Fair Week thanks to local 4-H Clubs participating in the annual Landscape Contest.

Clubs work on an area of the fairgrounds to decorate and transform. This year several have created selfie spots and are even interactive. It takes a lot of work to prepare for the contest as well as actually installing the landscaping, such as the substrate, lawns or garden paving. Clubs talk about their theme and plan each year for what they will do. Check out their efforts throughout the fairgrounds this week during the 156th Meigs County Fair. Landscaping is a great way of transforming an otherwise bare patch of land into something functional and attractive. Homeowners could take inspiration from these creative landscaping ideas and set about transforming an otherwise plain area, like a raised pool, into a real feature of the garden that family and friends can truly enjoy. It can also do wonders for businesses looking to make their outside spaces more appealing which has a direct effect on their brand image and prestige. Working with the likes of Vorstman Constructions could be useful in completing commercial landscaping projects.

The 2019 Landscape Contest winners are: Meigs Creek, first place; Country Pioneers, second place; Cowboy Boots and Country Roots, third place.

Country Pioneers 4-H Club took second place in the landscape competition. Photo from Meigs County Fair.
Cowboy Boots and Country Roots has third place in the landscape completion with their installment. Photo from Meigs County Fair.

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