May 29, 2024

Tax Credits and Rehabilitation of Older Commercial Buildings Informational Meeting Set

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Heritage Ohio will hold an informational meeting in Pomeroy to discuss opportunities to rehabilitate older commercial buildings.

Heritage Ohio will hold one of their Historic Tax Credit Coffee series on September 9, 2019 at the Meigs County Economic Development Office in Pomeroy, Ohio. Heritage Ohio created the series to introduce individuals and communities to the concept of rehabilitating older commercial buildings, using the federal 20% and Ohio 25% historic tax credits and introducing the people who run the program on behalf of Ohio’s Development Services Agency and the State Historic Preservation Office. Buildings in the Historic District in Pomeroy may be eligible for these credits. The “coffee” will be held in Pomeroy at the development office (mural building) at 236 East Main Street, from 11 a.m. to noon. There is no charge to attend.

Heritage Ohio’s director, Joyce Barrett, summarized the workshop concept, “We recognized there is an audience that just wants a brief introduction, before they commit to hours of research. In one quick hour, we can show how it works and introduce the people who manage the program. They are great people working to help get buildings restored, not faceless bureaucrats.”

Presenting the program will be:

  • Nathan Bevil, Technical Preservation Services Manager at the State Historic Preservation Office, which reviews the historic integrity of the proposed work;
  • Lisa Brownell, program manager at the Ohio Development Services Office who assists applicants in applying for the competitive Ohio program; and
  • Barb Powers, who manages the National Register process for Ohio, the qualifying designation necessary to use some of the historic tax credits.

Heritage Ohio has organized “coffees” in 57 courthouse-communities in the past three years.

Barrett stated, “The combination of the 20% federal and 25% state historic tax credits may appear too good to be true, but it is real, come find out more.”

Heritage Ohio strives to help people save the places that matter, build community, and live better. Heritage Ohio is the leading statewide, non-profit preservation organization. Formed in 1989, Heritage Ohio has more than 500 members ranging from individuals and businesses to organizations and local governments. In addition, Heritage Ohio has been the designated coordinating agency by The National Main Street Center since 1997. Learn more by visiting