Joshua Ashley, candidate for Middleport Mayor. Submitted photo.

Letter to the Voters: Joshua Ashley, candidate for Middleport Mayor

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Meigs Independent Press does not participate in advertising for or endorsing candidates. The submissions from candidates are a service to the voters and the people of Meigs County. Candidates were invited to write an open letter to the voters. It is published as submitted, unedited.)

Dear Voters,

It’s time for the younger generation to see what they can do to move Middleport forward. I will bring new ideas on getting grants, not just from state and federal levels. I would look into companies that give out grants as well. I would apply grants to replacing sidewalks, adding new ones and work on updating roads. I would also love to see if grants could be applied to saving old abandoned homes to house elderly or veterans in need. See what needs to be done in regards to cleaning up the drug issues of the town. Work with both the Police and Fire Departments on updating equipment or anything else they need. Being transparent with the citizens on what the town is spending money on and doing in general is important to me as well. 


Joshua Ashley,

Candidate for Middleport Mayor