Mayor Hoffman Reminds Middleport Residents of Ordinances

Mayor Hoffman Reminds Middleport Residents of Ordinances

MIDDLEPORT, Ohio – Middleport Mayor Fred Hoffman has announced several reminders to residents and visitors concerning parking, trash and other points in a statement released on January 7, 2020.

According to Mayor Hoffman there are several ordinances the public should keep in mind. The following points are from Mayor Hoffman:

  • Parking – On two-way streets, park on the right hand side with the traffic flow. No parking on or across sidewalks. Park within a safe distance from all intersections, driveways and fire hydrants.
  • Trash – Trash is to be put out the night before and trash cans taken back in after pick up. Trash containers are not to be kept permanently in front of the house. No trash or cans are to be put in the street or on sidewalks. Put cans between curb and sidewalk when possible. No debris is to be put into the street. Bag all debris for pickup. 
  • Yards – Yards are to be kept free of trash and debris. That is what the mandatory trash pick up is for. Just bag it and put it out front on regular pick up date. You are paying for the trash service so it is best to use it.
  • Inoperative or Unlicensed Vehicles – No inoperative or unlicensed vehicles are permitted on streets or in yards. If you have junk vehicles, there are companies who will pick up your vehicle and possibly pay for it.
  • Dogs – Persons who walk their dogs are also reminded that they need to carry a doggy bag and clean up after their pets.

According to the statement, “Mayor Hoffman asks for the cooperation of all village residents in making Middleport a cleaner and better place in which to live.”

He also stated that he welcomes all reasonable suggestions or complaints either in person, at the Mayor’s Office or by email at