Reggie Robinson with Health Recovery Services talks to children in a video.

Reggie Robinson with Health Recovery Services talks to children in a video.

Community Agency Debuts Innovative Program Amid Coronavirus Crisis

“HRS Presents YouTube video explains Covid-19 to children using puppets

POMEROY, Ohio – Health Recovery Services (HRS), a Behavioral Health Provider serving Southeastern Ohio, has debuted a YouTube broadcast aimed at explaining how to stay safe from the Coronavirus to children.

The lively 17-minute video, entitled “Staying Safe”, debuted yesterday and has reportedly received over 200 views already. Targeting elementary school aged children, the presentation uses delightful animal puppets which were originally created by BABES (Basic Education Awareness Studies) in Southfield, Michigan in 1977 to educate children about self-esteem, decision-making and addiction. Reggie Robinson, Community Coordinator of HRS, wrote a script for the characters in which they explain safety measures children can take during the current Coronavirus crisis, including Social Distancing and handwashing. The video is the first in a weekly series of Behavioral Health programs called “HRS Presents”. The video can be found below.

According to Brian Howard, Community Services Manager of HRS, “This weekly program is one way in which our Prevention staff can continue to serve our communities while complying with state and federal public health protocols.  Our weekly broadcasts will feature information on a variety of Behavioral Health topics as well as fun, youth-oriented segments like a Virtual Dance Party with DJ Rockin’ Reggie.” 

Health Recovery Services is a CARF certified Behavioral Health provider in its 45th year,serving Athens, Hocking, Vinton, Gallia, Jackson and Meigs counties. HRS receives funding from the ADAMHS Boards of those counties and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. HRS continues to serve the public through Telehealth and other non-contact treatment modalities throughout this Coronavirus crisis.