Coronavirus COVID-19. CDC image.

Coronavirus COVID-19. CDC image.

‘Stay Safe Ohio Order’ Issued until May 29

COLUMBUS, Ohio – With the Stay at Home order set to expire at midnight tonight, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has announced that the Ohio Department of Health has issued a “Stay Safe Ohio Order” to extend the previous order. The new order, which incorporates the openings of businesses and services announced as part of the Responsible RestartOhio plan, will replace the previous “Stay at Home” order, which expires at 11:59 p.m. on May 1, 2020. The new order signed by Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton is in effect until May 29 at 11:59 p.m.

According to the order, all businesses can reopen unless specifically listed in the order. The order reads, “All businesses and operations in the State, except as defined below, are permitted to reopen within the State so long as all workplace safety standards are met. All businesses and operations, except as defined below are encouraged to either reopen or remain open if they have not ceased operations during the prior Stay At Home Orders. Businesses and operations shall continue to comply with Social Distancing Requirements as defined in this Order including by maintaining six-foot social distancing for both employees and members of the public at all times including, but not limited to, where any customers are standing in line.”

Timeline of reopening as of May 1, 2020:

  • Non-essential surgeries, dental procedures can resume April 30
  • Manufacturing, distribution, and construction can resume May 4
  • General office environments can reopen May 4.
  • Retail establishments will reopen on May 12.

Still closed:

  • Schools physical buildings, education continues with distance learning
  • Restaurants and bars except for drive-thru, take out, delivery options
  • Personal appearance/Beauty salons
  • Adult day support or vocation services
  • Older adult day care and senior centers
  • Child care center
  • Entertainment/recreation/gyms

There has been some confusion regarding wearing face coverings (masks) or not. Governor DeWine originally stated that facial coverings were mandatory, but has since stepped that back and has seemed to reverse again on it. Currently as of this publication, the recommendation is to wear facial coverings especially in settings where social distancing is not possible. The state, however, does not have the authority to force Ohioans to wear face masks. It has been recommended to wear them and other countries have been able to reopen with their people wearing face facial coverings. This order focuses more on business and facial coverings. According to the latest order concerning facial coverings, “Businesses must allow all customers, patrons, visitors, contractors, vendors, and similar individuals to use facial coverings except for specifically documental legal, life, health or safety considerations and limited documental security considerations.” There are, however, various reasons listed in which a business could choose to not have their employees use facial coverings. In essence, if an employer chooses not to have employees wear, them, they can. One of the exceptions could be interpreted as quite broad and reads, “There is a functional (practical) reason for an employee not to wear facial coverings in the work place.”

The same seemingly conflicting information is also listed for travel. While the “Stay Safe” order limits travel, the reasons for traveling listed in the order are varied enough that just about any reason can be pinned to one of the acceptable reasons.

For the full order, read the entire order below. A link to the “Stay Safe Ohio Order” from Dr. Acton can be found here or viewed in the images below.

Page 1 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 2 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 3 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 4 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 5 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 6 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 7 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 8 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 9 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 10 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 11 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 12 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 13 of Dr. Acton’s order.
Page 14 of Dr. Acton’s order.