Deputy’s Notebook: September 5-22, 2020

Editor’s Note: The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office Deputies respond to all sorts of calls. The notebook is a listing of the public record of those callsAll suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

September 5

  • Civil dispute on Portland Road between neighbors.
  • Report of dog running loose in Racine. Units made contact with the owner and the dog was secured.
  • Received a report of theft on Hudson Road. Units arrived on scene and determined the report to be civil matter regarding the property. Contact was made with the other party and he was advised to not return to the property or criminal charges for trespassing would be filed.
  • Officers took a report of a stolen vehicle. It was later determined that the vehicle had been towed by the State Highway Patrol and the owner could recover the vehicle at any time.

September 6

  • Middleport man reported that his cabin had been broken into.
  • Patrolled Mark Porter lot reference to suspicious person on the lot. Units patrolled the area and did not locate anyone.
  • Units assisted Pomeroy PD with someone who was requesting a squad.

September 7

  • A farmer reported that he has had several CBD plants stolen.
  • A woman reported that someone broke a window out of her residence. Units responded to the scene and are conducting an investigation on the Attempted Burglary.
  • A female was transported to the O’Bleness Hospital for mental health evaluation.
  • Deputies are investigating a reported breaking and entering at a barn on Carr Rd in Coolville. The subject(s) made entry by breaking a lock on the door and removed a hay rake, some hay rope, a large agricultural scale, two heavy duty pulleys and other miscellaneous metal. This incident remains under investigation and anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office at 740-992-3371.
  • Deputies responded to Old Lock 24 Campground about a verbal disturbance. Deputies contacted all parties involved and they stated it was just a verbal argument, there was not any violence or threats made. The parties had separated for the night. No further action taken.

September 8

  • Deputies are investigating a reported breaking and entering at the county owned annex building near Holzer Clinic. Entry was made through a window on the back of the building. This incident remains under investigation.

September 9

  • Deputies responded to an alarm at a residence on Laurel Cliff Rd. Units discovered the alarm was set off by a family member doing yard work. No further action taken.
  • Deputies responded to a 911 call about a male threatening suicide and his cell phone was pinging in the area of Rowe Rd and Martin Marietta Gravel Pits. Deputies searched the area while receiving updated information about the location of the cell phone. The cell phone pinged in WV, and the subject was located at a residence there.

September 10

  • Deputies responded to the Meigs Motel on a report of a male and female arguing. When units arrived, the male had left the area and the female said they just had a verbal argument, and the male was leaving and not coming back. No further action taken.
  • Deputies responded to a medical alarm at Waters Edge Apt in Syracuse. Deputies contacted the subject and his door had hit the button and activated the alarm. No further action required.

September 12

  • Units received a report of a male on State Route 124 in Racine walking along the road yelling at cars as they pass. Units patrolled the area and did not locate anyone matching the description given.
  • Dispatch received a call from Athens County Sheriff’s Office in reference to a female who states she has been shot at but doesn’t know where she is. Contact was attempted several times with the female, but she would not give her location and stated she was fine. Through our investigation we learned the female’s location and made contact with her. It was discovered that she was fine however she is having some mental health problems at this time.
  • Dispatch received a call from a female on State Route 681 near Reedsville advising that she heard a noise outside her home, when she looked out, she saw a man walking in her yard. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with the caller and then checked the property. No one was found to be in the area. No further action was taken on this call.

September 13

  • A Portland resident requested an officer at his residence about a property dispute. It was determined that the issue was a civil matter.
  • Dispatch received a call from a female on Allen St. in Chester advising that she had just returned home, and her front door is standing open, she thinks someone may still be inside. Deputies arrived on scene and checked the residence. It did appear that someone had entered the home, but no one was found inside, and nothing was missing. This incident remains under investigation.

September 14

  • Units were dispatched to Holzer Clinic in Pomeroy in reference assist with a mental health patient. Upon arrival units transported the subject to Holzer ER without issues.
  • Units responded to a neighbor dispute on Flatwoods Road. The actual incident took place earlier in the day between children. All parties were advised to stay away from each other.
  • A Pomeroy woman reported that her 1987 Yamaha Four-Wheeler was stolen. This report is still under investigation.
  • Dispatch received a call from a female living in Columbus advising that she owns a home on East Main St. in Pomeroy. She stated that she had received a notice of movement from her security cameras and when she checked them there was a male walking around her property. As the Deputy arrived on scene, he noticed a male coming from the back yard onto the driveway. The suspect was detained, and a check was made of the property. During the check a bag was found hidden in the bushes just feet away from where the suspect was first seen. The bag was checked, and it contained personal items belonging to the suspect and one of the security cameras from the property. The suspect Joshua P. Cremeans, 39, of Pomeroy was arrested on suspicion of Breaking and entering and Theft. He was incarcerated in MPD jail until he appears in court on the charges.

September 15

  • Dispatch received a call of a panic alarm activation at a residence on State Route 124 Rutland. Deputies arrived on scene and made contact with the homeowner. She advised that she had seen someone on her porch looking in her door window. Deputies checked the property and patrolled the surrounding area. No one was located in the area. No further action was taken on this call.

September 16

  • Dispatch received a call of an alarm at a residence on Long St. in Rutland. A Deputy arrived on scene and spoke with the homeowners who stated that they were in bed and heard their garage door open and closed they checked their security cameras, and nothing was seen on them. They are not sure what was going on. The Deputy checked the area, and no one was located. No further action was taken on this call.

September 17

  • Units transported two inmates from Monroe County Jail to Court.
  • A woman came to the office to report that her items had been stolen out of a residence in Dexter after she was arrested on an Athens County Warrant. She reported that her clothing, two air compressors, and her medication was stolen.

September 18

  • Units responded to G&M Fuel in Minersville in reference to a vehicle on their lot that was running and no one around. The owner was contacted, and the vehicle was moved.
  • Officers responded to Dewitt’s Run Road in reference to a four wheeler being located on private property. Upon arriving on scene units discovered that the four-wheeler had been set on fire and was completely destroyed. While officers were on scene dispatch received a call from a man reporting that his four-wheeler was stolen. The recovered four-wheeler was identified as his. This matter is under investigation.
  • Officers conducted a funeral escort for Anderson McDaniel Funeral Home.

September 19

  • Dispatch received a call from a resident on Dusky Street in Syracuse advising someone was trying to break into her home. Deputies arrived on scene and detained Anthony W. Doerfer, 37, of Pomeroy, who was found in a car setting in the driveway when they arrived. After an investigation by the Deputies the incident was determined not to be an attempted burglary but a civil matter between the caller and the suspect. No further action was taken regarding the burglary call, but Doerfer was found to have several outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was taken into custody on those warrants and transported to the Middleport Jail to be held until he appears in court.

September 20

  • Dispatch received a call from a resident on Smith Run Road, Pomeroy advising that he is out of town but just received a call from a neighbor advising that someone had broken into his home and believed to still be there. Deputies arrived on scene and could hear movement inside the home. As they prepared to enter the back door of the house a male fled out the front door. Entry was made into the house and a female was found inside. She later identified the male that had ran from the home as Deputies entered. The homeowner was contacted and advised of the Deputies findings when they entered to home. The female located inside the home is related to one of the residents that live there. The owners will complete a report when they return home in a couple days. Charges are pending in this incident.

September 21

  • Dispatch received a third-party call of a domestic with a gun involved at a residence on State Route 618 near Reedsville. Deputies arrived on scene and contacted a female at the front door of the home. She confirmed that she had been assaulted and that the suspect did have a gun with him in the living room. The victim was removed from the home for her safety and Deputies then entered the house locating the suspect Jeremy L. King, 36, of Reedsville. King cooperated with the Deputies and was taken into custody without incident. An investigation of the incident was completed. King was arrested for a suspected offense of domestic violence. He was transported to MPD Jail where he will be held until he appears in court on the charge.

September 22

  • Dispatch received a call of a domestic on Blind Hollow Rd. Deputies arrived on scene and made contact with the caller. He advised that the people staying with him have been fighting all night. Deputies spoke with the couple involved and they had been arguing but nothing criminal had occurred. They were advised to stop arguing at that home or leave. They chose to stay and were advised any further calls about them would result in them being arrested. No further action was taken on this incident and no further call were received.