Black ice driving winter weather

Patch black ice and scattered snow showers causing slick spots

POMEROY, Ohio – The National Weather Service has issued a special weather statement for Meigs County and the surrounding areas.

Clearing has allowed temperatures to fall below freezing tonight, leading to the formation of black ice on area roadways, due to moisture from rain and snow earlier in the day. There have been reports of accidents. These conditions are likely occurring in spots elsewhere in the middle Ohio valley and central Appalchians as well.

Black ice is nearly impossible to see and roadways may appear wet.

In addition, snow showers tonight may bring a brief drop in visibility and a coating of snow, hiding the black ice even further and adding to the slippery conditions.

Be prepared for snow or ice covered roads. Slow down and allow extra time when traveling. Please use extreme caution, especially on bridges, overpasses and around curves. Allow plenty of stopping distance and avoid braking suddenly.