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COVID-19 vaccine availability in Meigs County

COVID-19 vaccine availability in Meigs County

POMEROY, Ohio – Looking for the COVID-19 vaccine? Finding it can be a challenge.

At this time, Ohio is in the Phase 1B, vaccinating 65 and older or those with existing conditions. Previously beginning Jan. 18 the vaccines were open to those 80 plus years of age and has been staggered to include those younger. For information about the vaccines in general, click here.

As long as supplies last, Swisher & Loshe has the Madeira vaccine which requires a second shot in 28 days. Those receiving the vaccine will be contacted for the second shot later. Appointments can be made through their website. They are also taking walk-ins as well. For more information call (740) 992-2955 or click here.

The COVID-19 vaccine is available at Hopewell Health Centers including at HHC Meigs County Pomeroy location. Call (740) 992-0540 for more information or to receive the vaccine.

Holzer Health System also has vaccines by appointment. For more information on locations and making appointments, click here or call 740-446-5566.

The Meigs County Health Department will not be taking names for the COVID-19 immunization waiting list at this time due to the large number of individuals on the list who still need the vaccination. The Health Department will call and schedule those on the current waiting list and when that list is exhausted, they will begin having citizens self-register via an online registration process which will be announced in the coming weeks.

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