Meigs students work on documentaries with WOUB and POV series

Students participate in a virtual workshop with Evan Shaw of WOUB for their documentaries. Photo by Madeline Shope.

Meigs students work on documentaries with WOUB and POV series

POMEROY, Ohio – For the last four months, AP (Advanced Placement) 12 students at Meigs High School have been working on their own documentaries to present for WOUB and their POV series. 

Starting back in November 2020, AP 12 students have been given the opportunity to show pride in their community with a documentary style format for WOUB and their film festival called “Our Ohio”, where they will be  judged. The winning school’s film will be aired nationally on the POV website as well as local television. Logan High School, South Galia High School, Zane Trace High School, and Meigs High School students have been working with Producer/Director Evan Shaw over Zoom calls with storytelling workshops as well as lessons on filming and film editing.  

Shaw, being an alumni from Meigs himself, has been working hard with Meigs students on helping the progress through their projects. “This project has the potential to be the most important thing I have ever done.” Shaw said, speaking about how this will impact the community around the project. Shaw says that this project could truly change the perspective about Meigs County to the outside world. “We have to make some changes and this is the first step. We should celebrate where we came from.”

Students involved with this project have been working hard for the past six months to present on why they are proud of their community. Susan Metts, an AP English teacher at Meigs High School, has been helping students on developing their own scripts into film since the start of this project. Metts grew up in Scipio County and has been teaching at Meigs High School for the past 28 years. “A.P Students already have a strong work ethic and are blowing this project out of the water.” Metts said when asked about how the students are doing. Having been raised in Meigs County, I’m glad this project takes the initiative to abolish the negative stereotypes associated with the people of Appalachia and highlights the good in our community.” 

Meigs High School AP English students have put much time and energy into their documentaries throughout the school year. Nick Mcconnell is one of these students who has been working hard to tell his own personal story. “I was interested in it but also nervous on how much this will have an impact,” Mcconnell said when asked about how he first felt when he first reacted to the WOUB project. When asked about what this project meant to him personally, Mcconnell replied with, “It means I get to tell my story, who my parents are and who I am without even knowing it, like connecting back to lost family.”

Students are to be finished with their documentaries by April 7, where they will present their films to WOUB and their POV series within the next few months. No official date has been released as of right now.