Seeking justice for Kane Roush, law enforcement investigation continues

Family and friends gathered to remember Kane Roush a week after his homicide. Photo by Robert Titus.

Seeking justice for Kane Roush, law enforcement investigation continues

POMEROY, Ohio – One week and a day following the horrific killing of Kane Roush, nothing new has been released by law enforcement. Rumors, however, have been rampant on both sides of the Ohio River and that is not helping law enforcement.

Roush, 25, was killed at this home in Pomeroy. Just before 5 a.m. shouting and shots rang out along the river at Roush’s residence on Legion Terrace Road. Shot multiple times at close range, Roush managed to crawl to a neighbors for help. He succumbed to his injuries about an hour later. The death was sudden and shocking to family and friends of Roush who gathered at Batchel Stadium (Wahama High School football field). With candles, balloons and memories, they shared their grief and hoped for answers in Roush’s death.

Balloons, lanterns, candles, grief and memories were shared by those who knew Kane Roush during a vigil one week after his homicide. Photo by Robert Titus.

According to Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood, the investigation is still ongoing. Law enforcement maintains that they are following leads and security camera footage. “We have been working non-stop on the investigation,” Sheriff Wood said.

At this point, multiple agencies are involved in the investigation and have been working around the clock to bring the person or persons to justice for the homicide of Kane Roush. Rumors have been flying since the news of Roush’s death was first broke by the Meigs Independent Press. Those rumors are not helping investigators according to Sheriff Wood. “You have a family in mourning. They do not need that,” Sheriff Wood said.

He noted that while law enforcement wants the public to come forward with real information, eye witness information. It should not be rumors just shared on social media. Law enforcement investigators are seeking facts, not rumors.

“It is not we do not want to share information. Right now we are turning over every stone,” Sheriff Wood told the Meigs Independent Press. He stressed that they are working to get this case right for justice for Kane Roush.

The scoreboard was full of Kane Roush’s number 15 during a candle light vigil at Wahama’s football field where he played. Photo by Robert Titus.

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