Meigs moves up a level with 19 active COVID-19 cases

Meigs moves up a level with 19 active COVID-19 cases

POMEROY, Ohio – The Meigs County Health Department is reporting three additional confirmed and two additional probable cases of COVID-19 in Meigs County. Meigs County currently has 19 active cases and 1,489 total cases (1,332 Confirmed, 157 Probable) since April 2020.

DateGender Age Range Confirmed / ProbableHospitalization Status 
4/29/2021Female70 to 79ConfirmedNot Hospitalized 
4/29/2021Female20 to 29 ConfirmedNot Hospitalized 
4/29/2021Female40 to 49 ProbableNot Hospitalized 
4/29/2021Male50 to 59ProbableNot Hospitalized 
4/30/2021Female50 to 59ConfirmedNot Hospitalized 

As of April 29, 2021, the Ohio Public Health Advisory System moved Meigs County to a Level 2 (orange) emergency status for increased exposure and spread of Covid-19.

The Meigs County Health Department also announced one additional Meigs County resident has recovered from COVID-19.

A previously reported Covid-19 confirmed case was found not to be a Meigs County resident; therefore, was also removed from the total number of active cases. 

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