Rep. Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville)

Rep. Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville)

Edwards backs Collin’s Law

COLUMBUS, Ohio – According to State Representative Jay Edwards, a major anti-hazing bill that will better protect students at Ohio’s colleges and universities has been approved by the Ohio House of Representatives.

“This is an important day,” said Edwards (R-Nelsonville). “With this measure, it is my hope that we increase safety, increase awareness and eliminate hazing. Collin’s Law is the right thing to do, it will make a difference on campuses across the state, and I look forward to it becoming the law of Ohio.”

The legislation is called “Collin’s Law: The Ohio Anti-Hazing Act,” in memory of Collin Wiant, an Ohio University student who died in 2018. 

The bill increases penalties for hazing and creates new prohibitions against permitting or participating in hazing. Officials would be required to report hazing.

The legislation also calls for more training, reporting and transparency to help prevent hazing.

Under the bill, the state chancellor of higher education will create a statewide plan for preventing hazing, including a model anti-hazing policy and anti-hazing education and training. Colleges and universities will be required to adopt an anti-hazing policy, report hazing incidents and provide student and faculty training.

The bill, Senate Bill 126, now goes to the Ohio Senate for final approval.

Information provided by Rep. Edward’s office.