Anthony “Red” Davis

Anthony “Red” Davis

Anthony “Red” Davis Wanted by Law Enforcement, Reward Offered

POMEROY, Ohio – Law enforcement is seeking information concerning the whereabouts of a man wanted in connection with a recent shooting.

According to Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood, Anthony “Red” Davis, of Langsville, is suspected in a shooting that took place last week in which one person was shot in the leg with serious injuries. Davis is also wanted for a warrant issued for his arrest following the violation of a furlough agreement from the Meigs County Court of Common Pleas. Davis should be considered armed and dangerous according to Sheriff Wood. Davis allegedly made comments threatening law enforcement that may attempt to apprehend him as well. The public is advised to not approach Davis if they see him, but should contact their local law enforcement agency instead.

Anthony “Red” Davis

The public is also advised to keep their doors locked including those of vehicles as Davis has been involved with previous vehicle theft as well. Davis has been seen in Meigs, Jackson, Vinton, and Gallia Counties previously.

“We have to get him off the streets,” Sheriff Wood told the Meigs Independent Press, as Wood noted the previous record Davis has and reckless behavior from last night. “We are not going to let up on him,” Wood added.

Law enforcement attempted to apprehend Davis following a tip Sheriff Wood said. He said the latest incident with law enforcement and Davis began at 8:44 p.m. on July 20, 2021 when a tip came that Davis had been spotted at a carryout in Wilkesville. Once law enforcement began to close in on Davis, he fled according to Sheriff Wood. Davis was on roads in multiple counties resulting in multiple agencies being involved. The pursuit of Davis involved the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, Gallia County Sheriff’s Office, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Vinton County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol from three different posts, an Ohio State Highway Patrol helicopter from Columbus and Ohio Department of Natural Resources Officer with K-9 unit.

Additionally from the Sheriff’s Office, “The pursuit was originally initiated on State Route 32 in Vinton County by the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office.The suspect vehicle, which was confirmed to be a 2006 Cadillac CTS which had been spray painted black,turned off of State Route 32 into Meigs County. The pursuit proceeded through Meigs County and into Gallia County in the Salem Center area before the suspect returned to the Painter Ridge Area inside of Meigs County and bailed out of the vehicle and into a heavily wooded area on foot after stop sticks were used to immobilize the vehicle. The suspect Anthony Davis continued to flee from Painter Ridge Road onto Metheny-Fairplay Road, a gravel road to which pursuing officers lost visual of the suspect vehicle. The Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Unitwas contacted and assisted in the high-speed chase for a period of time however they were unable to proceed due to low fuel levels. A K-9 track was conducted by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources however the suspect was unable to be located. Anthony Davis is considered to be armed and dangerous and the public should not approach him. Anthony Davis is 5’10” tall and weighs approximately 200 pounds. Davis has green eyes and red hair with a red beardand is believed to still be in the west end of Meigs County in the Salem Center/Langsville area.”

The pursuit involved running on back roads, many of which were dirt roads. Dust from the roads impacted law enforcement visibility. Fog impacted the helicopter’s visibility as well. Following a lengthy chase into the early morning hours, the helicopter had to return for fuel and then was grounded due to the flying conditions.

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the successful apprehension of Anthony Davis. Anonymous tips can be left on the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 740-992-4682. Please leave a call back number so you can be contacted to receive reward money if your tip is successful in apprehending Davis. The reward was donated anonymously by a Meigs County citizen. “The reward being offered in this case is being provided by an outside source that is not associated with the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office. My office was contacted by an individual that wished to put up a reward for the capture of Anthony Davis and wished to remain anonymous,” stated Sheriff Wood.

“Anthony Davis, if you’re out there reading this, were coming for you. Not only did you put the public at risk with your failure to obey the law but you also put the lives of law enforcement at risk with your actions”, stated Sheriff Wood. “My suggestion to you would be to turn yourself in on your own free will rather than spending the remainder of your freedom looking over your shoulder every step of the way.”

Davis recently entered guilty pleas in three separate cases in the Meigs County Court of Common Pleas. Those separate cases involve two cases involving Failure to Comply with the Signal of a Police Officer, both felonies of the third degree. One case is from an incident on Sept. 9, 2020 and another on Oct. 10, 2020. In another case from Jan. 23, 2020 he also entered a guilty plea of Receiving Stolen Property, a felony of the fifth degree. Davis had an agreement with the Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney and the Meigs County Court of Common Pleas to report in person daily with the court, wear a GPS monitor and reside at 35318 Dairy Lane, Langsville until his sentencing which had been set for earlier this month. On June 22, 2021 the agreement had been made, but by June 23, Davis failed to report and the GPS was reportedly off. Contact with family was made that reside at the Dairy Lane residence and they stated that Davis had not been back to the residence since his furlough on June 22. Judge Linda Warner then issued a warrant for the arrest of Davis.

Davis has had previous convictions with the court. In 2017 he was convicted of Obstructing Official Business, a felony of the fifth degree, and in another case, Receiving Stolen Property, a felony of the fifth degree.

“We have been looking for Anthony Davis over the past several weeks and would appreciate any tips that the public can provide to assist us in his capture. Davis has also absconded from the court system in Meigs County and has active warrants for his arrest,” stated Sheriff Wood. “I would like to thank all of the agencies that participated and have assisted us over the past several weeks in attempting to locate Mr. Davis. I would like to give a special thank you to Sheriff Champlin’s Office in Gallia County who has been there with us every step of the way and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team for their prompt response and assistance over the past several weeks.”