The Church Mouse: Prayer is for Everyone

“All that you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it shall be yours.” (Mark 11:24)

Let’s think for a few minutes about prayer. I had an eye opening experience awhile back. In fact it has caused me to stop and think about how I relate my prayer life to others. I began to wonder if we are teaching our friends and family that they can pray for anything anywhere?

Have we made ‘prayer’ into a mysterious thing that children and even some Christians are afraid to try?

Have we made it seem that we can only pray in certain places, at certain times, in certain ways and with certain people? 

Let me explain, I was driving a friend to a doctors appointment for test results. I said that we should pray for this appointment. My friend was quiet for a few minutes and I thought that she were praying to herself, which was ok. 

But! Suddenly in a quiet and shaky voice she said. “I don’t know how to say a pray like that.”  
I was stunned for a moment. Let me tell you why. I pray about everything. 

I pray about driving to work in the snow, about how I will respond to criticism, broken fingernails, the weather, my health, traffic and etc…you name it and I pray about it. I pray in church, my house, at sporting events, in fast food joints, even while driving my car. (I don’t close my eyes when praying, while driving!) 

So, here is my friend who is a Christian, telling me she does not know how to pray for herself. 
So, I prayed aloud a small simple prayer, asking God  protect my friend and to help the doctors, nurses and the technicians. At the end of my prayer I paused and ask silently that God would show me how to explain to her about being able to pray about anything, any place that she happens to be at anytime. 

God answered me right away. (Isn’t He an awesome God?)

Here is what God told me to say. “We can always pray no matter where we are or what we are doing. God is our Father and our friend. He wants to hear from us. He likes it when we take the time to pray/talk to Him. That is what prayer really is, it’s just talking to God.” 

I do not want you to think that I am taking away from the reverence and respect that we are to show God. But I think that we should be able to pray and converse with God; just like we do with our other friends. After all He is our best friend! You see there is nothing you can do to make God stop loving you. He wants each of us to talk with Him everyday.  

Prayer, is just a simple talk with God. It is not something that can only be done in church on Sunday or by the Pastor. It is an everyday thing to be use by everyone. 

“Father, we are so thankful that you love us. We are thankful that you are always there for us to call upon.  No matter the time or place, you are always waiting to hear from us. Please remind us that we can talk to you always. Help us to teach others to call on you for their needs.  Give us your comfort and peace. Amen.

the Church Mouse 
Work hard! Pray harder!