Meigs SWCD Fair Contest Winners Announced

Meigs SWCD Fair Contest Winners Announced

POMEROY, Ohio – The Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District announced the winners of its long-running Mystery Farm and the kids’ contests for the fishing poles and tackle box held during the 2021 Meigs County Fair.

The daily winners of the Mystery Farm Contest were, as follows: Monday- David Dunkle, Tuesday- No Winner, Wednesday- Glen Kennedy, Thursday- Brent Rose, Friday- No Winner, Saturday- Elizabeth Harris.

Winners of the Mystery Farm contest receive $10 each. There were 56 entries throughout the week. 

The ACTT (Active Conservationist Teaming Together) sponsored the fishing poles and tackle boxes for the kids’ contest.  This contest was held for youngsters only. Everyday a new game was set up at the Conservation Corner for kids to play and enter to win. Winners were as follows: Monday – Match the silhouettes? – John Lechler; Tuesday – Riddle of the week – Bryce King; Wednesday – Which tree do these leaves belong to? – Opal Huggins; Thursday – How many snakes are in the tank? – Austin Smith; Friday – Match the paw prints to the animal. – Paige Bauerbach; Saturday – What are the soil levels? – Will Crane. There were 265 total entries for the week. 

The first day of the fair we also held the hay show contest in three different classes and placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. In class 1-75% of more Alfalfa 1st– Keith Bentz; class 2-All Grasses 1st– Keith Bentz, 2nd– Elizabeth Harris, 3rd-Kirk Pullins; class 3- 49% or Fewer Legumes 1st– Brian Windon, 2nd– Blair Windon. There were a total of 12 entries to be judged. The 1st places winners will also be honored at our Annual banquet and receive a certificate. 

“We want to congratulate all winners and thank everyone who participated in the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District Contests at the 2021 Meigs County Fair,” said Jessie Donohue, Education Coordinator for the Meigs SWCD.

Information provided by the Meigs SWCD.