Hall’s Defense Attorney Withdraws in Roush Murder Case

Hall’s Defense Attorney Withdraws in Roush Murder Case

POMEROY, Ohio – The man charged with the death of a Pomeroy man on Easter is changing his legal counsel and seeking to have his bond reduced.

Jaquan Hall, 21, is charged with multiple counts related to the death of Kane Roush. Hall is charged with one count each of Aggravated Murder, an unclassified felony; Murder, an unclassified felony; Complicity to Aggravated Murder or Murder, an unclassified felony; and Conspiracy, a felony of the first degree. Counts one and two, Aggravated Murder and Murder carry specifications that a firearm was involved. Hall was indicted on June 17 by the Meigs County Grand Jury. An indictment is not a conviction. It is one step of the legal process. All suspects, including those that are indicted are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

On July 16, Hall was arraigned with a bond set by Judge Linda Warner at $2 million cash with no 10 percent permitted. On Oct. 8, Hall submitted a handwritten form on his own behalf to the Meigs County Court of Common Pleas to have his bond reduced. According to the document, Hall is incarcerated at the Washington County Jail awaiting trial. The document further states, “The Defendant is faced with little time and resource available, in which to assist in preparation of a proper defense. Due to COVID-19 quarantine, the Defendant is not permitted to meet with counsel, and thus, the use of the legal library (one laptop) is not readily available. The Defendant respectfully asks immediate consideration for Bond-reduction to allow for preparation of a proper defense and to pursue the proper mental health treatment he requires.”

So far, the court has not responded to the request for a reduced bond.

Then on Oct. 12, Hall’s attorney, Mark Wieczorek, filed to withdraw as counsel. Wieczorek filed to appear as counsel for Hall on July 9, but just months later, he has withdrawn from the case. According to a court document filed by Wieczorek, “Defendant’s demands are unreasonable regarding the handling of his case. His requests for certain procedural outcomes are unreasonable and his attacks on counsel’s ability to effectively represent him have cause the lines of communication to breakdown. In addition, counsel received a message on October 12, 2021, from the Defendant indicating that he no longer wishes to have current counsel as his attorney of record. The Defendant stated that current counsel is not advocating for him, is dissatisfied with counsel’s advice and assessment of the case, and counsel’s theory of litigation regarding the upcoming trial. Further, the Defendant has taken it upon himself to file pro se motions against the advice of counsel.”

Currently, a jury trial is scheduled for Dec. 14, but court cases such as Hall’s often have those dates change. The change in representation for Hall could be such a factor to change the trial date.

About 4:52 a.m. on April 4, a call came in to Meigs County concerning yelling and shots fired on Legion Terrace Road in Pomeroy. The victim, Kane Roush, 25, of Pomeroy, had attempted to reach his neighbor’s house for help. The neighbor called for help. When officers arrived Roush had gun shot wounds to the front of his body and the back of his body. Meigs EMS responded and transported him to Holzer Meigs Emergency Department. He had communicated with those trying to take care of him, but passed away from his injuries about an hour later.

The court case continues to move through the steps of the legal process.

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