Rutland Mayor’s Court Releases Bench Warrants

RUTLAND, Ohio — The Village of Rutland Mayor’s Court has issued bench warrants against the following defendants who have failed to appear or failed to pay fines:

  • Christopher Browning of Hamden, Ohio;
  • James Cramer of Rutland, Ohio;
  • Carlee Dabney of Point Pleasant, West Virginia;
  • Amy Dixon of Rutland, Ohio;
  • Travis Koeing of Rutland, Ohio;
  • Emiley Johnson of Wilmar, Ohio;
  • Tiffany Mahoney of Marietta, Ohio;
  • Wanda Morris of Rutland, Ohio;
  • David Pretty of Rutland, Ohio;
  • Precious Rose-Moore of Long Bottom, Ohio; and
  • Sinuon Spears of Dexter, Ohio

The Village Marshal has been ordered by the Court to arrest those listed. To avoid arrest, defendants having a bench warrant may voluntarily appear at the Village of Rutland Clerk of Mayor’s Court’s Office, located inside the Rutland Civic Center, during regular business hours (Tuesdays, 4 p.m. until 7 p.m.) and remit payment of their bond at which point a court date will be set. Questions may be directed to the Mayor’s Court Clerk by calling (740) 742 2121 during the regular hours provided.