The Church Mouse: Trusting God with All Things

The Church Mouse: Trusting God with All Things

For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; (25:29).

Here is an example of how good God is to us when we trust in him:

My 53 year old cook electric stove died the other day.  My mother purchased that stove when I was about 12 years old. She cooked on it for 29 years then she gave it to me. I cooked on it until a few weeks ago, when it finally died.  It had two ovens. Both of which did not bake evenly and the temperature was not always  accurate.  Of the four burners, only two worked but I loved that old stove. But it was time to say goodbye. 

I did not really  have the extra money to spend on a new stove. I figured at best the cheapest a new stove would be about $600 to $700.  So I prayed about it. My son put on Facebook that I was looking for a stove in good condition and at a bargain price. This was on Sunday.

So, on Wednesday morning I was on the internet searching for the best buy on a stove, when my phone rang. A young man asked for me.  I told him he was speaking to me. 

He told me who he was. He said. “Do you still need an electric stove? 

I replied “yes.” 

He said. 

“I have one it is eleven years old, it is white. I just used it last night. Do you want it?”  

He went on to explain that he was getting a new gas stove.

“How much do you want for it?” 

I asked. 

He replied, 

“Free. I’ll deliver it in about 2 hours if that’s ok? 

I told him yes that would be fine.

 God answers prayers!

The final cost to me was a hug and a huge thank you and praises the my Lord and Savior. If we put our trust in God and are faithful and believe in Him…..He will provide! Just like it say in the Bible. 

PRAYER – “Father, God, help us to trust you for all things, good or bad. Remind us that you want what is best for us and that sometimes that is not what we want. Help us to be patient and wait upon you to supply our needs in your time and not ours.  We give you the glory, honor and praise for all our blessings. Amen.”