The Church Mouse: Balloons and Being Humble

“For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”Matthew 23:12

A balloon is a simple toy, it can however bring a lot of pleasure to folks of all ages. There are lots of things you can do with a balloon. You can use balloons for decorations at a party or you can bat them around in the air like a ball or you can just play with them. And there is nothing better on a hot, muggy summer day than to have a water balloon fight.  If you have a long, skinny balloon, you can even make it into the shape of different animals. 

Yes, a balloon can bring a lot of happiness, but it also can bring sadness, disappointment and it can be scary. Haven’t you ever seen a small child cry when his balloon flies out of his hand or bursts in his face and the sound of of that POP…scares him?

You and I are sometimes like balloons. We sometimes get all puffed up with our own importance. We think we are great and we expect everyone else to think that also.  Maybe, it because we think we are so good looking, or is it because we think we are so smart or maybe we are really good in sports, or perhaps we are the best singer in the choir. Sooner or later, if we keep getting puffed up with our own importance, something will happen…to burst our balloon!

The Bible tells us that if we are proud and think too highly of ourselves, we are headed for a fall. However, if we are humble, and realize that it is through God’s strength that we are able to do great things, we will be given a place of honor in the kingdom of God.

So from now on, when you see a balloon, I hope it will remind you that we should not become too puffed up with our own importance….or something may come along and burst our balloon!

PRAYER—“Father, help us to not become too puffed up with our own importance. Remind us that whatever talent we have is a gift from you and that  we are to use this talent in serving you and for the up building of your kingdom. Remind us that we are nothing on our own and you  are the one who deserves the praise for any accomplishments we have.! In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”

the Church Mouse 

Work hard! Pray harder!