Alexis Medley received her award from Travis Abbott, Meigs High School Principal. Submitted photo.

Meigs County Students Recognized for Academic Excellence

POMEROY, Ohio – On May 20, 2022 Meigs County celebrated academic excellence within Eastern Local, Meigs Local, and Southern Local school districts at the 36th Annual Academic Award Banquet.

Alexis Medley of Meigs Local School District was honored as the Meigs County Franklin B. Walter recipient.

Students from Eastern Local School District recognized were Brielle Newland, Megan Maxon, Emma Doczi, Emma Edward, Colton Lloyd, Olivia Householder, Caleb Abner, Clay Buckley, Kendra Robertson, and Alana Buckley.

Recognized from Southern Local School District were Lincoln Rose, Ellie Powell, Tanner Lisle, Logan Greenlee, Alexis Smith, Brayden Otto, Cole Smith, Kiersten Rose, Emma Leachman, Olivia Dill, Layla Nibert, and Kendall Hupp.

Students from Meigs Local recognized were Madelynn Will, Jacob Roush, Skyanna Evans, Ava Buckley, Ashlyn Kernen, Abbagayle Taylor, Madelyn Barnett, Jesse Yoder, Emi Vickers, Jacob Harrison, Asa Cleland, Kylan Stone, Alexis Medley, Cameron Davis, Coulter Cleland, Caleb Burnem, Amara Barrett, Andrea Mahr, Griffin Cleland, Conlee Burnem, and Mallory Adams.