Baking and Canning Results for 2022 Meigs County Fair

Baking and Canning Results for 2022 Meigs County Fair

ROCKSPRINGS, Ohio – Entries for this year’s fair have been judged in baking and canning.

The results are listed by section, class and then names of those placing first, second and third respectively. If there is no name, no one placed second or third. If no one placed first, the placing will be listed with the name.

Baking and Canning Results

Class 1 Preserves: Kristen Barnhart; Doris Grueser.

Class 2 Raspberry: Donna Jenkins.
Class 3 Strawberry: Donna Jenkins; Opal Dyer; Bill Dyer.
Class 4 Blackberry: Donna Jenkins; Bill Dyer.
Class 5 Other Jams: Kristen Barnhart; Lydia Dippre.

Class 6 Apple: third, Opal Dyer.
Class 7 Blackberry: Donna Jenkins.
Class 8 Grape: third, Donna Curtis.
Class 9 Other Jellies: Kristen Barnhart; Opal Dyer; Donna Curtis.

Class 10 Apple Butter: Darlene Hayes; Kristen Barnhart; Erin Bradford.

Class 12 Dill Pickles: Donna Curtis; Darlene Hayes.
Class 13 Bread and Butter: Rhonda L. Dailey; Opal Dyer; Bill Dyer.
Class 14 Sweet Pickles: Kristen Barnhart; Darlene Hayes; Opal Dyer.
Class 15 Zucchini: Donna Jenkins.
Class 16 Day Pickles: Opal Dyer; David King.
Class 18 Beets: Opal Dyer; Doris Grueser; Sandra McKay.

Class 20 Sweet Pepper: Darlene Hayes.

Class 25 Catsup: second, Teresa Wilson.
Class 26 Chili Sauce: Doris Grueser.
Class 28 Barbecue Sauce: Kristen Barnhart; Teresa Wilson.
Class 30 Taco Sauce: Teresa Wilson.
Class 31 Salsa: Donna Jenkins; Teresa Wilson; Rhonda L. Dailey.

Class 32 Tomato Juice: Peyton C. Johnson; Rhonda L. Dailey; Teresa Wilson.
Class 34 Other Juice: second, Lydia Dippre.

Canned Fruit
Class 36 Applesauce: David King.
Class 37 Apples, Pie Filling: third, Opal Dyer.
Class 39 Peaches: Debbie Chevalier.

Canned Vegetables
Class 43 Beets: Doris Grueser.
Class 44 Lima Beans: second, Opal Dyer.
Class 45 Kidney Beans: second, David King.
Class 46 Snap Beans: Opal Dyer; Doris Grueser; David King.
Class 54 Potatoes: second, Lydia Dippre.
Class 55 Tomatoes: Teresa Wilson; Darlene Hayes; Bill Dyer.
Class 56 Green Tomatoes: Teresa Wilson.
Class 58 Hot Pepper Rings: Teresa Wilson; Rhonda L. Dailey; Donna Curtis.

Canned Meat
Class 59 Pork: Kristen Barnhart.
Class 60 Beef: Kristen Barnhart.
Class 61 Deer: Rhonda L. Dailey; Kristen Barnhart.
Class 62 Poultry: Kristen Barnhart.

Class 1 Whole Wheat Bread: second, Peggy Crane.
Class 2 White Bread: Peggy Crane.
Class 3 Banana Nut Bread: Darlene Hayes; Kristen Barnhart; Teresa Wilson.
Class 4 Zucchini Bread: third, Kristen Barnhart.
Class 5 Biscuits: second, Donna Jenkins.
Class 6 Yeast Rolls: Roberta M. Lewis; Donna Jenkins.
Class 7 Monkey Bread: Kristen Barnhart; Vanessa Folmer.
Class 8 Cinnamon Rolls: Kristen Barnhart; Donna Jenkins.

Class 12 Other Cake: Roberta M. Lewis.

Class 13 Oatmeal: Lisa Short; Kristen Barnhart.
Class 14 Plain Sugar: Julie Thorne; Donna Jenkins; Vanessa Folmer.
Class 15 Chocolate Chip: Lisa Short; Donna Jenkins.
Class 16 Peanut Butter: Peggy Crane; Stephanie Lewis; Lisa Short.
Class 17 Other Cookie: Sally Gloeckner; Sara Ervin; Donna Jenkins.
Class 18 Brownies: Kristen Barnhart; Donna Jenkins.

Class 19 Apple: Kristen Barnhart; Donna Jenkins.
Class 21 Pecan: Teresa Wilson.
Class 22 Peach: Teresa Wilson.

Class 26 Peanut Butter Fudge: Sharon L. Hall; Teresa Wilson; Roberta M. Lewis.
Class 27 White Fudge: Teresa Wilson.

Cookie Contest
Class 31 Hawaiian Drop Cookies: Elizabeth Harris; Donna Jenkins; Abbie Marcinko.

Class 1 Extracted Honey Light: Wyatt Teaford.
Class 2 Extracted Honey Dark: Deborah Mohler; Wyatt Teaford.

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