Meigs Dominates Belpre 50-0

Meigs Dominates Belpre 50-0

BELPRE, Ohio – The Meigs Marauders devasted the Belpre Golden Eagles with a 50-0 win on Friday.

Coming off of a 44-7 loss to Gallia Academy at home last week, the Marauders were looking for a win and found it on the road in Belpre.

Meigs won the coin toss and differed to the second half, with Belpre receiving. Meigs wasted no time in scoring a touchdown in the first quarter by Logan Eskew. The extra point was no good, but Meigs followed it up with an 82 yard touchdown by Dillon Howard. With the kick good for the extra point, Meigs continued to dominate the game. The Marauders recovered a fumble by Belpre and went for a 50 yard touchdown by Conley Burnem. The extra point was no good, but Meigs was not done with scoring touchdowns. This time Connor Imboden scored a touchdown. The extra point was no good again, but Meigs was not done scoring and followed it with a touchdown by Logan Eskew. The kick was blocked for the extra point. At the end of the first quarter, Meigs 31 and Belpre remained scoreless.

The second quarter only saw one touchdown by the Marauders. This time the touchdown was made by Griffin Cleland. With the kick no good, the score going into half time was Meigs 37 and Beplre 0.

Per regulations the third quarter began under the continuous running clock. Meigs Marauder Conlee Burnem made a touchdown. The extra point by Walker Mayer was good. The score at the end of the third quarter was Meigs 44 and Belpre 0.

Meigs was not done with touchdowns for the night with Dillon Howard scoring another. The Marauders went to the two-point conversion unsuccessfully making the final score Meigs 50-0 over Belpre.

The Marauders continue on the road next week against Dawson-Bryant in Coal Grove.

Sally Gloeckner contributed to this story.