Fair’s Horticulture Contests Highlight Local Growers

Fair’s Horticulture Contests Highlight Local Growers

ROCKSPRINGS, Ohio – Results are in for the horitculture contest at the Meigs County Fair.

Agriculture is at the core of the Meigs County Fair and local growers were showing off the fruits of their labors with entries in the various horticulture categories. The displays were in the Rutland Bottle Gas Domestic Arts Building.

Horticulture Results

Grain: Yellow Corn, first, B&C Farms; Soybeans, first, B&C Farms; Corn Stalk, first, B&C Farms, second, Opal Huggins.

Potatoes: Cobblers, first, David King; Yukon Gold, first, Peyton Bailey, second, Bill Dyer, third, Opal Dyer; Kennebec, first, Ella Bailey, secone, Opal Dyer, third, Bill Dyer; Red, first, Opal Dyer, second Bill Dyer.

Vegetables: Tomatoes Red, first, Laurel Huggins, second, Opal Dyer, third, John Lechler; Tomatoes, Pear, Red or Yellow, first, Opal Dyer, second, Bill Dyer; Tomatoes Roma, first, Elizabeth Harris, second, Julie Thoene, third, Opal Huggins; Tomatoes, Cherry or Grape, first, Julie Thoene, second, Rhonda Dailey, third, Everett Huggins; Tomatoes, Name Variety, first, Vivian Huggins, second, Donna Curtis, third, William Krawsczyn; Green Bush Beans, first, Elizabeth Harris, second, Darlene Hayes, third, John Lechler; Lima Beans, first, Opal Dyer, second, Bill Dyer; White Onions, first, Bill Dyer; Yellow Onions, first, Opal Dyer, second, Bill Dyer; Bell Pepper, first, Darlene Hayes; Hot Peppers, first, Morgan Burt, second, Donnar Curtis; Sweet Banana Pepper, first, Stephanie Lewis, second, Rhonda Dailey; Carrots, first, John Lechler; Cucumbers, first, Opal Dyer, second, Darlene Hayes; Field Pumpkins, first, Bryleigh Marcinko; Zucchini, first, Darlene Hayes, second, William Krawsczyn, third, Julie Thoene; Summer Squash, first, David King; second, Darlene Hayes, third, Stephanie Lewis; Patty Pan Squash, first, John Lechler; Yellow Sweet Corn, first, Darlen Hayes.

Melons: Watermelon, first, Donna Curtis; Cantaloupe, first, Elizabeth Harris.

Apples: Rome Beauty, third, Roberty Bailey; Golden Delicious, second, Elizabeth Harris; Name Variety, first, Elizabeth Harris.

Other Fruit: Grape, Concord, first, Darlene Hayes, second, Donna Curtis, third, Elizabeth Harris; Grape, Niagara, first, Robert Bailey, second, Darlene Hayes; Pean Name Variety, first, Robert Bailey, second, Elizabeth Harris; Peaches, White, first, Elizabeth Harris; Blueberry Name Variety, first, Elizabeth Harris.

Best of Garden Display: first, Darlene Hayes.

Largest Specimen: Largest Potato, first, Opal Dyer, second, Peyton Bailey, third, Bill Dyer; Largest Pumpkin, first, William Krawsczyn; Largest Apple, first, Opal Huggins; Largest Tomato, first, Rhonday Dailey, second, Opal Huggins; Largest Cucumber, first, Opal Dyer; Largest Squash, first, Stephanie Lewis, second, Deborah Mohler; Largest Ear of Corn, first, Darlen Hayes; Longest Bean, first, Opal Huggins; Largest Zucchini, first, Deborah Mohler.

Freaky Looking: Freak Vegetables, first, John Lechler, second, Deborah Mohler, third, Kalijah Krawsczyn.

Herbs: Mint, Name Variety, first, Donna Curtis, second, Kassandra Lodwick, third, John Lechler; Chives, first, Elizabeth Harris, second, Donna Curtis; Thyme, first, John Lechler, second, Kassandra Lodwick; Basil, first, Donna Curtis, second, Angel Mohler, third, Kassandra Lodwick; Rosemary, first, Morgan Burt; Sage, first, Kassandra Lodwick; Parsley, first, Elizabeth Harris, second, Kassandra Lodwick; Dill, first, Julie Thoene.