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Meigs Local Student recognized by state

On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, the Ohio Educational Service Center Association (OESCA) recognized Ohio’s top students from across the state during the 34th Annual Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Awards Program.

The Athens-Meigs ESC (AMESC) is proud to announce the recipients of this year’s Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Awards:
Isabella McVey, Federal Hocking School District, Athens County

Jack Musser, Meigs Local School District, Meigs County

Brynley Needham, Southern Local School District, Perry County

Heather Wolfe, AMESC Superintendent, states, “This year’s recipients are a well-rounded group who have a great many options and opportunities. These students have not only excelled academically but have also made significant contributions to their communities.”

The Athens-Meigs ESC, and its Governing Board, are proud of the accomplishments of all three students and wish them continued success throughout their educational and professional journeys.

A quote by Craig Burford, Executive Director of OESCA, sums up the dedication that all Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award recipients hold: “In order to achieve this level of success, these students have demonstrated bold leadership, resilience and grit”.

The Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award was established in 1989 by Ohio’s County Superintendents to recognize student achievement and promote academic accomplishment.
The award bears the name of Dr. Franklin B. Walter, who served as State Superintendent from 1977-1991. During his tenure, Dr. Walter worked with three governors, significantly improved public education in the state, and brought Ohio’s schools to the forefront of the nation’s attention. He received numerous honors and has earned the respect and admiration of educators nationwide. His integrity, leadership, optimism, and commitment serves as an example for all. Dr. Walter passed away on September 15, 2010, at the age of 80. He left behind a storied legacy that includes this award.

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