Middleport Mayor Fred Hoffman announced today that the Ohio Public Works Commission on May 11, approved two Middleport applications for paving funds for this year (2023) and that these funds in the amount of $458,945 will be released to the village on July 1, 2023.

Grant funds in the amount of $229,472 will be made available to the village on July 1, 2023, along with loan funds in the amount of $229,473 at 0% interest with a yearly payment of $11,532 which will allow the village to complete a four-year planned paving project which Mayor Hoffman had committed to during his first year in office in 2020. Utilization of loan funding at no cost to the village will permit much more paving to be done now when needed and save us a lot in the future by paving at today’s prices and spreading the cost out over a few years.

Streets to be paved will include highly-traveled areas such as Page Street which is used extensively by many persons visiting Overbrook Rehabilitation Center with a daily traffic average count of over 700 and the Pearl Street area near village hall which also has a high daily traffic count.

Streets to be paved include the following: Page Street; So. Second from Hartinger to Park Street; Elm Street; Park Street from Page to Fairview Street; Maple Street; Headley Street; Russell Street; Fairview Street; Walnut Street from No, Second to No. Third. These streets include the highly-traveled block on Walnut Street, in addition to all the smaller connector roads in the Gravel Hill area. In addition , the following will also be paved: Railroad Street; Pearl Street between Lincoln and Hartinger; So. Third Ave. from Hartinger to Ash; and

Hobson Drive. In addition to the paving, 900 feet of guardrail will be replaced on Hobson Drive.

These major street improvements are expected to be completed by August of this year which will provide the village with good streets in all the major areas of the community, and will certainly reduce the maintenance funds needed to keep our streets in good repair for many years to come. Planned street improvements are very important to keep streets in good condition and provide easy access to all areas of the community. 

The Mayor also stated that due to the completion of his planned four year street improvement project, only minor street projects will be needed during the next ten years with even less being needed for maintenance.