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Sheriff Fitch warns of scams targeting the elderly

Meigs County Sheriff Scott Fitch would like to remind the public that June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and our county is no stranger to the scams that are targeted against older adults.

Financial scams targeting the elderly can be devastating, leaving older adults in a vulnerable position. Our local banks report that elderly in our area are being relentlessly targeted, via telephone calls, emails, texts, and often Facebook. The cash losses are astounding. Financial exploitation can range from a stranger to family. 

The scammers get more sophisticated in their tactics all the time, employing romance scams, grandparent scams, government imposters, social security number scams, fake technology support, and more. The Sheriff’s Office has already received several reports this month of these scams.

Help protect yourself and your loved ones.

· Don’t answer calls or texts from unfamiliar numbers. If it is important, they will leave a message. Be warned that scammers can spoof local area codes and business lines. If in doubt, hang up and call your bank directly.

· Never share sensitive information over the phone unless YOU initiated the call (account numbers, who you bank with, social security number, etc.).

· STOP and take a breath. Be extremely cautious of any urgent requests.

· Never agree to buy gift cards, use cash apps, or do wire transfers.

We urge you to protect our older community. Please speak with those you care about regarding scams. Ask if they have been contacted by people they don’t know, or via calls they did not initiate. Consider some of the resources below for more information:…/elder…/report-elder-abuse-1…/elder-justice/elder-justice…/seniors/elder-abuse

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