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Meigs County Fair Dairy Show Results

The Meigs County Fair dairy show results 2023

Fair Dairy Show – Jersey: Grand Champion Jersey Female Alyssa Richards; ReserveChampion Jersey Female William Krawsczyn.

Guernsey:Grand Champion Guernsey Female Wyatt Teaford; Reserve Guernsey Female Wyatt Teaford.

Milking Shorthorn: Winter Heifer Calf: Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn Female Porter Webb; Reserve Champion Milking Shorthorn Porter Webb.

Grand Champion over all dairy; Wyatt Teaford with his Guernsey Cow; Reserve Champion over all dairy Porter Webb with his Red Holstein heifer.

Market Dairy Show – Grand Champion Dairy Showman Porter Webb; Reserve Champion Dairy Showman William Krawsczyn.

Market Dairy Steer Show – Grand Champion Porter Webb. Market Dairy Feeder Steer Show: Grand Champion Dairy Feeder Steer Porter Webb; Reserve ChampionDairy Feeder Steer Wyatt Teaford.

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