(Editor’s note: The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office Deputies respond to all sorts of calls. The notebook is a listing of the public record of those calls. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.)

On Dec. 14, 2017 the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Meigs Emergency Room.
Subject at ER: Deputy Hupp was dispatched to the Holzer ER in reference to a male subject who was refusing to leave. Upon arrival, the male stated that he was waiting on a ride. Deputy Hupp transported him to the office to wait for his ride.

On Dec. 15, 2017 deputies responded to a burglary and made a warrant arrest.
Burglary: Deputy Campbell responded to a residence on Flatwoods to a burglary. It was discovered that entry was made, and some medication was taken. This incident remains under investigation.
Warrant Arrest: Dispatch received a call advising that there was a black car in the lot of 124 Mart and it appears that the driver is passed out. Deputies King and Stewart were dispatched to the location. Upon their arrival, the driver was awake. While speaking with him Deputy King noticed some drug paraphernalia in plain view. The occupants were removed from the vehicle and questioned about the items. While speaking with the driver, Charles A. Landers Jr., 30, of Middleport, it was determined that he had several warrants for his arrest from the Meigs County Court. He was arrested on those warrants and incarcerated until he could appear in court. The female, Meranda D. King, 23, of Middleport, stated that the paraphernalia found in the car was hers. The item was seized as evidence and will be sent to BCI for analysis. The investigation will remain open until BCI’s findings are returned, and charges are still pending in this case.

On Dec. 16, 2017 deputies responded to a domestic complaint, an alarm drop and other calls.
Domestic Complaint: Sgt Griffin was called to a residence on Bigley Ridge Road in reference to a domestic complaint. The female caller stated that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend earlier that morning. The suspect was later located, charged, and placed under arrest and transported to the Sheriff’s Office.
Alarm Drop: Dispatch received a call advising of an alarm at the 124 Mart. A deputy was dispatched, and the building was found to be secure. A key holder arrived on scene and the building was cleared. Everything was found to be in order, no further action was taken on this call.
Altered Mental State: Dispatch received a call from a male on Lovett Road advising that an elderly female had come to his house and appeared to be confused. Deputies were dispatched to the address. Moments later dispatch received a call from another male on Dewitts Run Road advising his wife had dementia and was missing. He stated he had been looking for her for some time but unable to locate her. He was advised of the other call and that deputies were already in route. Deputies arrived at the location on Lovett Road and spoke with the woman and were able to confirm she was the missing female from Dewitts Run Road. They offered her a ride and returned her to her home. No further action was taken on this call.

On Dec. 17, 2017 deputies handled complaints of an unruly juvenile and a domestic dispute.
Unruly Juvenile: A male came into the Sheriff’s Office with his 14-year-old son who had snuck away from his home on Kingsbury Road during the night. He had located him at a residence in Racine and brought him to the office to speak with a deputy about the incident. Deputy Stewart spoke with the child advising him of the charges he could face for his actions and the consequences to him if there were any further occurrences. The father believed that would be good for now, and chose not to pursue unruly charges at this time. No further action was taken in this incident.
Domestic: Dispatch received a call in reference to a woman in the 124 Mart parking lot wanting to see a Deputy about reporting an assault. Sgt. Mohler arrived and spoke with the female who stated that she had been assaulted several times by her husband at their home on Nichols Road that day. After speaking with with the alleged victim, Deputies went to the home to attempt to make an arrest on the husband Brian K. Ross, 40, of Middleport. Deputies were advised that he had left the residence on foot long before they got there. They patrolled the area and were unable to locate him. Criminal charges were signed on Brian Ross for the alleged domestic assault and a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

On Dec.25, 2017 Deputies responded to a report of a stalking incident and made house checks.
Stalking: Sgt Mohler responded to an open door at 33580 Beech Grove Rd. Caller advised she had also filed a report about being stalked. A report was taken.
House Checks: Deputies preformed 15 house checks throughout the county.

On Dec. 26, 2017 a report of break in was made and Deputies made house checks.
Break In Reported: Deputy Stacy responded to 52231 SR 248 in reference to a caller who advised she had an employee that she had recently fired come to the property and broke into a building and attempted to get in another. Information taken for report and the investigation is pending.
House Checks: Deputies preformed 7 House checks.

On Dec. 27, 2017 a burglary was reported and house checks were preformed.
Burglary: Deputies Stacy and Elberfeld responded to 41065 SR684 in reference to a possible Burglary. Brian Hart, 28 of Albany, Ohio was arrested at the scene and charges filed.
House Checks: Deputies preformed 7 House checks.

On Dec. 28, 2017 Deputies responded to an alleged dispute with roommates.
Dispute: Deputy Fennell and Sgt Jones responded to College Street (Buckeye Lane) in Syracuse, Ohio. The caller advised she had been assaulted by her roommate. The caller advised she had soup that a friend brought to have for dinner and when she told her roommate, he started to make a grilled cheese sandwich with her cheese. She told him not to use her cheese and that is when he allegedly threw the cheese at her. He then also allegedly hit her with a Beenie baby snowman on the buttocks. She stated that she didn’t wish to file charges at this time. The alleged victim went to a friends residence for the night. Information for a report was taken.

On Dec. 29, 2017 a wellbeing check was made along with a report of dog theft.
Wellbeing Check: A deputy was dispatched to conduct a wellbeing check at a home on Gilkey Ridge Road. The caller had advised that the elderly male there, should have been at a hospital in Columbus that day, but had not shown up, and was not answering his phone. Contact was made with the male and he was fine. He was advised to contact the concerned relative.
Theft of a Dog: A woman from Chester, Ohio, came to the office to report that her mother-in-law had allegedly stolen her dog and removed it from the county. The incident stemmed from an earlier alleged domestic violence incident in which her husband had been arrested. She completed a written statement which was turned over to the deputy handling the domestic incident. This investigation is ongoing.

On Dec. 30, 2017 assistance was given to the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office.
Assist Another Agency: Gallia County Sheriff’s Office had a domestic violence call involving a possible suspect with a gun on Story’s Run Road near the Meigs County line. Meigs Deputies were sent to back up the Gallia Deputies at the scene. After speaking with the victim, she let the officers into the home where the suspect was taken into custody without incident. No further action was taken on this call by Meigs Deputies.

On Dec. 31, 2017 Meigs County Deputies assisted Middleport Police Department.
Assist Another Agency: Meigs Deputies assisted Middleport Police Department on a domestic call at the Village Manor Apartments. The scene was secured, and an investigation started by the MPD Officer. A female was taken into custody. She was transported to the Middleport jail by one of the Deputies while the MPD officer completed his investigation of the incident at the scene.

On Jan. 1, 2018 a report of a suspicious person was made along with reports of other disturbances.
Suspicious Person: Dispatch received a call from a subject on State Route 143 near Wolf Pen Road advising that there was a man on his porch stating that he had been assaulted and needed a ride. Deputy Stacy arrived on scene and made contact with an intoxicated male. The male stated that he had someone driving him home from the Mizway Tavern and they had beat him up and stole his truck. Sgt. Mohler was also responding to the call so Deputy Stacy asked him to return to the Mizway to see if he could find out any additional information who may have been driving the man home. As Sgt. Mohler was returning to the Mizway, he noticed snow and dirt debris kicked into the road just out of site of the home the subject was at. Upon checking the side of the roadway, the complainant’s truck was located crashed down in the creek just out of site from the roadway with one set of foot prints in the snow leading directly to the home the subject was at. The Ohio State Highway Patrol was called. The scene and suspect were turned over to them as a DUI crash. Deputies left the scene to respond to another priority call.
Disturbance: Dispatch received a call of a possible domestic on Roy Jones Road. Deputies arrived and spoke with both the subjects involved. They had separated before the deputies arrived, neither was willing to make a written statement to the officers about the incident. The female had already started to leave the home for the night, so she was transported to a friend’s house by a deputy. Later the male also chose to leave with friends to ensure no further problems occurred.
Disturbance: Dispatch received a call requesting deputies be sent to Bar 30 Road. The caller stated that a man who was intoxicated was there and trying to bust a window into his house. Dispatch could hear the suspect yelling in the background challenging the homeowner to shoot him. Deputies arrived on scene and made contact with the caller. It turned out that he knew the suspect and was able to calm the situation and the suspect left with someone moments before the deputies arrived on scene. The home owner declined to file any charges on the suspect for busting the window to his home. No further action was taken on this call.

Year End House Watch Report: The year-end total for the House Watch program in which deputies conduct security checks on residences and businesses had deputies checking approximately 110 properties for a total of 1,705 times.