Mizway Cited for Gambling, Charges Filed

oiu-logoMEIGS COUNTY – Agents with the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Ohio Investigative Unit have filed both criminal and administrative charges for illegal gambling against a Meigs County liquor permit establishment and an employee. If you enjoy gambling on legal sites, take a look at bet thailand.

The charges were filed following a search warrant conducted at Mizway Inc., 39825 SR 143 in Pomeroy, on January 23.

Criminal charges were filed on Ronda K. Stout, 47, of Middleport, as well as Mizway Inc., with gambling and operating a gambling house. Mizway Inc., was also cited administratively on two counts each of acquire, possess, control or operate a gambling device; electronic video gambling device; game of chance for profit or scheme of chance; operating a gambling house; and insanitary conditions, as well as one count of recklessly permitting public gaming.

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As for Stout and Mizway Inc., if they wanted to operate a legal gambling operation, they should have perhaps followed the rules and regulations of their state. They could have even looked at operating legal gambling games online, such as these games you can find if you were to click here, for example.

During the search warrant, agents seized three slot machines, various records and numerous bottles of liquor.

The case will be heard in the Meigs County Court. Once all criminal proceedings are complete, the administrative case will be presented to the Ohio Liquor Control Commission for their consideration. Possible administrative penalties include fine, suspension or revocation of the liquor permit.