New Ownership Takes Over for Local Publications

Gloeckner-Wolfe Change of Hands
Carrie Gloeckner, left, congratulates Catherine Wolfe, right, on her ownership of the Meigs Independent Press and the Gallia Hometown Herald. Photo by Susan Dingess.

The Meigs Independent Press and Gallia Hometown Herald have new ownership.

Catherine Wolfe has taken the reins of the local on line newspapers from Carrie Gloeckner. Gloeckner started the Meigs Independent Press and later acquired the Gallia Hometown Herald from it’s founder, Michelle Miller.

“Catherine has been on board with me since the beginning of the Press. She has been working the website and handling content, advertising sales, reporting, photography and all the other aspects of running the publications. She has the experience and the ideas to move the publications further,” Gloeckner said.

Wolfe has been running things for the past two months and has plans for publications.

Wolfe has recently added the new addition called “Short Story Saturdays” in which short stories written by locals will be featured each week. Also to be added will be a feature that will focus on fashion called “High Fashion Hometown” which will tell readers how to relate the current high fashion trends to our hometown area. Wolfe plans to expand the Meigs Independent Press and the Gallia Hometown Herald as time progresses and plans to add more new additions in the future.  Wolfe said, “I am very excited about building on the foundations Gloeckner laid with the websites and  continue to move them further while still honoring the local news stand point they were founded on.”

Additionally, Gloeckner has taken a position with K92 WYVK WMPO as Account Executive.

“There is a part of me that will always be a journalist. I have been blessed to be received so well by both Gallia and Meigs counties. I hope Catherine receives the same warm reception. This is not an easy job. It requires a lot of long, hard hours, but I know she is up to the task. I will also be helping with certain assignments if she needs me or to assist with various aspects of the publications as a resource. This decision was not made lightly or hastily. I wrestled with it for sometime. The time was just right for my family to make this change. The candidate to take over was an obvious choice as she has been with me through the thick and thin of this business. I get the opportunity to continue to work in the communities that I cherish and with a great staff at K92. I will always love journalism, but it is time for a new season and new leadership at the Herald and Press,” Gloeckner said.