Deputy’s Notebook: June 18-July 3, 2017


Editor’s note: The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office Deputies respond to all sorts of calls. The notebook is a listing of the public record of those calls. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

On June 18, 2017 the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office investigated several complaints.
Investigate complaint: Deputy Hupp responded to a residence in Racine in reference to a dog bite. The owner was contacted and an investigation is ongoing.
Investigate complaint: Deputies responded to a residence near Rutland to a male subject who was unresponsive. An investigation determined the male subject had passed due to natural causes. (The name was not released.)

On June 19, among other calls, a Deputy assisted Meigs EMS.
Medic assist: Deputy Perry assisted EMS on an altered mental status patient at a residence located in Racine. Deputy Perry secured the scene and the male was transported to the Meigs ER.
Investigate complaint: Sgt. Griffin took a report from a female subject stating that she had been the victim of ID theft. This incident remains under investigation.

A dispute complaint was investigated on June 20.
Investigate complaint: Deputies were called to a residence in Tuppers Plains in reference to a possible dispute between two of the occupants. It was determined no violence had taken place, but Deputies did confiscate some drug paraphernalia from the home. (No further information was released.)

An assault was investigated on June 21 along with other calls.
Assault: Deputy Perry took a statement from a male subject stating that he had been assaulted by a female earlier in the day. This incident remains under investigation.
Miscellaneous: Deputies transported multiple inmates to and from court, with three others being transported to prison. Deputies also answered numerous alarm drops at local businesses and residences.
Alarm: Sgt Griffin responded to an alarm activation at Southern High School. When he arrived, it was determined that the alarm was set off by employees.
Sex offender: Sgt Patterson registered two sex offenders.
Assault: Deputy Perry is investigating an alleged assault reported by Bruce McCloud. According to Bruce, he agreed to move items that belonged to Angie Russell, his ex-girlfriend, to a residence in Gallia County, and while packing the items, Angie got upset and assaulted him. Bruce also reported that Angie took a firearm that belongs to him. Charges are pending.

On June 22, a criminal damage report was investigated.
Criminal damage: Deputy Myers is investigating a report of someone damaging a mobile home and vehicle belonging to Bernard Romine on Romine Road. According to the report unknown subject(s) entered the trailer, spray painted inside it and cut a couch. Seats inside a vehicle had also been cut. Anyone with information about this cases should call 740-992-3371.

A check theft was investigated on June 23.
Theft: Sgt Patterson is investigating a theft reported by a resident of Pomeroy. According to the victim, someone took a check from her mailbox, signed her name to it and cashed it. A suspect has been identified and charges are pending.

On June 26, several theft reports were investigated.
Investigate complaint: Sgt Griffin responded to a residence near Harrisonville for a report of property damage. A driveway gate along with parts of the yard were damaged. This incident remains under investigation
Investigate complaint: Deputies responded to a residence in Harrisonville for an alleged theft. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the theft had taken place in Middleport.
Theft: Deputy Myers took calls on two separate theft calls, with both still remaining under investigation.

On June 27, Deputies assisted EMS along with the Racine Fire Department in separate incidents.
Medic assist: Deputies responded to a residence near Chester to assist EMS with a female under duress. The scene was secured and the female was transported to Holzer ER.
Investigate complaint: Deputies responded to a residence on Pomeroy Pike in reference to a male in the woods with a gun. Upon arrival, deputies discovered that this call was the result of a child custody issue and there were no guns or violence involved.
Unruly juvenile: Sgt. Jones responded to Crew Road. The caller advised her seven-year-old son was being unruly. Sgt. Jones spoke with juvenile and a report was taken at the residence.
Assist fire/EMS: Sgt Jones, Deputy Perry and Deputy Barnhart responded with Racine and Syracuse Fire Departments to 38760 Tornado Rd. Racine for a fully involved structure fire. Deputies shut down Tornado Road until the Fire Departments cleared the scene.

Deputies responded to several calls on the June 28, including an arrest for an outstanding warrant.
Investigate complaint: ODOT employees called the Sheriff’s Office to report that they had located a firearm lying in the ditch along State Route 248. Deputies recovered the firearm and discovered it to be a pellet gun.
Prowlers: Deputies were called to a home on Naylors Run in reference to possible prowlers. Deputies searched the area and were unable to locate any suspicious activity.
Wanted person: Sgt Jones arrested Casey Hubbard, 28, of Racine on an outstanding warrant out of Belmont County Ohio.
Prowler call: Sgt Jones responded to Bunker Hill Church Road. The caller advised she had seen someone outside her residence with a flashlight and it appeared they walked around the side of the residence. The caller stated they were not sure who it would be or what they were wanting, but requested a deputy come out and speak with her. The caller advised she had a gun with her in hand for protection. The residence and surrounding areas were checked and nothing was found.

A domestic call was investigated on June 29.
Domestic call: Sgt. Griffin and Deputy Jones assisted Middleport Police Department at a Laurel Street residence in Middleport where Roger Chadwell, 32, Middleport, was arrested on the Domestic Complaint and taken to the Middleport Jail.

On June 30, a threat report was investigated.
Threats: Dispatch received a call from a woman on Bone Hollow Road in reference to a male subject. According to the woman, the male had just been at her house threatening her and her fiancé. The female stated that the male pulled a gun on them and then took off. Deputies were dispatched to the location. A report was taken and the male subject was located in Rutland and transported to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning about the incident. According to the Sheriff’s Office report, the man admitted to being there and arguing with the complainants but claimed that they were the ones with the gun, that is why he left the scene. This incident remains under investigation.
Prowlers: Dispatch received a call advising that someone was trying to get into a trailer on Skinner Road. Deputies arrived and spoke with the home owner who advised that she heard someone try to open her front door then try a window. The area was checked and no one was found. No further action was taken on this call.
Indictment arrest: Deputy Chris Jones noticed Kelli Tatterson, 30, of Pomeroy, at the 124 Mart gas station on State Route 124. Deputy Jones was aware that she had an active indictment for Possession of Drugs. Deputy Jones made contact with the female and while checking her information it was discovered that the registration on the vehicle she was driving had been tampered with as well. Kelli was arrested on the indictment and the vehicle towed from the scene. While conducting an inventory of the vehicle, suspected methamphetamine was found hidden under the center console of the truck. Tatterson was incarcerated in the Middleport Jail on the indictment and additional charges are pending.

Unruly juveniles and a disturbance call were investigated on July 1.
Disturbance: Dispatch received a call from a Salem Street residence in Rutland, advising that Matt McDonald is at her house causing problems and is in her yard and won’t leave. Dispatch received a second call before deputies arrived on scene stating that McDonald had slashed the tires on the caller’s car. Deputies arrived on scene and were advised that Matt had just left the area on a bike. Deputies patrolled the area, but McDonald was not located. A report was taken on the incident and charges are pending.
Unruly juveniles: Dispatch received a call from a resident on State Route 124 in Reedsville, advising that the neighbor’s kids were knocking on her door and running away. They were also shooting at their house, her husband, and her children with BB guns whenever they try to go outside. A deputy arrived on scene and spoke with the residents who advised that they did not want the boy arrested just contacted along with parents and advised to stop. The boys were located along with their guardians and advised of the situation and told any further calls would result in criminal charges. The guardians were left to handle the situation. No further action was taken on this call.
On July 2, a child abuse accusation was investigated.
Child abuse accusation: Dispatch received a third party call reporting possible child abuse at a home on Eagle Ridge Road. Deputies along with Child Protective Services responded to the residence and spoke with everyone at the home. One of the children was found to have minor bruising. A safety plan was developed by Child Protective Services and the family was to follow up with CPS the next morning.

A 911 hang-up call was investigated on July 3.
911 hang-up call: EMS received a 911 hang-up call from a residence on Second Street in Reedsville. A deputy was sent to the address and made contact with the homeowner. It was determined that he had a cell phone signal booster in his home. The booster will only allow 911 calls from phones that are not authorized on the system. The deputy patrolled the area, nothing was found. No further action was taken on this call.