Reward Offered as Investigation Continues in Mulberry Pond Duck Deaths

POMEROY, Ohio – Following tips from the public and further investigation, new information has come to light concerning the deaths of four Mulberry Pond ducks.

Following a call that ducks had been hit by a car on April 19, 2018 four ducks had been found deceased. Nicole Shanks that has been one of the caregivers to the ducks said that was what the initial information indicated, especially since there was a call saying that was what had happened. There were also tire tracks off the side of the road where the ducks were, but Shanks said that after further investigation, that track was from someone concerned that had stopped by the pond. It was not connected with hitting the ducks. Shanks said the matter had continued to be looked into and investigated following the initial report in the Meigs Independent Press. With that ongoing investigation, Shanks says there is evidence that the ducks were intentionally killed.

Shanks said she was hesitant to believe someone would intentionally maliously kill the ducks that many area residents find so peaceful and enjoy coming to see at the pond. Now, however, more information has come to light, and she wanted to make the public aware that the matter has continued to be investigated and taken very seriously. She said the investigation involved even going door-to-door at the apartment complex across the road seeking any information. Additionally, several tips have led to three possible individuals that are being sought for, for questioning in the deaths of the ducks. Information about three teenage males that were seen at the pond chasing the ducks is being sought from the public.

She said a search and cleaning of the pond has revealed another duck found dead. That duck was in the water, partially covered with branches and appeared to have a broken neck. She said an anonymous donor has offered a $500 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the killing of the ducks.

Shanks said that in the process of searching and cleaning the pond, five bags of garbage has been removed. Also discovered was other evidence she believes may have been used in connection with the killings.

The investigation is now being handled by Pomeroy Police Officer James Chapman. Anyone with information concerning the deaths should contact him at the station at 740-992-6411.

Since the initial four ducks were found dead on Thursday, Shanks has faced a firestorm from the public. She said she never took the deaths lightly. “We are doing everything possible,” she said, and added, “We are willing to do whatever we need to do to protect the ducks.”

Additionally, Shanks said she plans to address Pomeroy Village Council concerning the ducks at the next council meeting. Options are being considered concerning the best way to protect and take care of the ducks.

The area is being heavily patrolled by the Pomeroy Police Department and concerned friends of the ducks as well.

Shanks along with Janet Ambrose volunteer their time to feed the ducks twice a day and try to keep the pond as clean as possible. They also pay for the food themselves. They took over from Jim Smith who worked for years to see the pond clean up from what it had been to be the park it is today. Grants have been written and awarded through the years for the pond to be what it is today. Unfortunately the pond has continued to be a dumping ground for some. Shanks said they pulled a muffler from the water during this latest cleanup. She said anyone in the public that would like to help take care of the ducks and the park would be welcome. She can be contacted to help with the care and keeping of the ducks and the pond at the number listed above at the Pomeroy Police Department. The public is asked to direct any information in the ongoing investiagtion to Officer Chapman.