July 21, 2024

This year’s butter display features scenes from “A Christmas Story,” including Ralphie in his bunny pajamas, a Christmas tree decorated with real lights, Randy in his snowsuit, the iconic leg lamp and the butter calf and Flick with their tongues stuck to a pole, while the traditional butter cow looks on. Submitted photo.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State Fair’s best kept secret has been unveiled, and it’s bringing some holiday spirit to a summer tradition. This year’s butter display, presented by the American Dairy Association Mideast, celebrates 35 years of the classic holiday film, “A Christmas Story,” which was filmed in Cleveland in 1983.

Inside the cooler, sculptors have recreated some of the movie’s iconic scenes in butter, including Ralphie in his bunny suit, a Christmas tree decorated with real twinkling lights, Randy in his snowsuit and, of course, the iconic leg lamp. And someone must have triple-dog-dared the butter calf because her tongue is stuck to a pole right alongside Flick as the traditional butter cow looks on.

“Watching A Christmas Story is a holiday tradition for people across the country, and we’re proud that it’s one that started right here in Ohio,” says Jenny Hubble, senior vice president of communications for ADA Mideast.

Sculptors spent about 400 hours in a 46 degree cooler to create the buttery works of art from more than a ton of butter.

The butter sculptures are on display in the Dairy Products Building at the Ohio State Fair from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. through August 5. Fairgoers can also learn about Ohio dairy farmers and enjoy treats like ice cream, milkshakes and cheese sandwiches.