Ohio Gov.-elect DeWine announces Inauguration Toolkit for educators, students, families

COLUMBUS, Ohio – On Jan. 9, 2019 Gov.-elect Mike DeWine announced the release of Ohio’s Inauguration Toolkit, a series of fun activities educators and families can use to help students explore and discover Ohio’s gubernatorial past and present and be part of history in the making on inauguration day.

Developed in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education, the toolkit contains activities that can be done in advance of inauguration day, including a game to help students understand the structures, powers and authorities of Ohio’s executive branch and a campaign simulation that prompts students to consider possible issues that might surface in Gov.-elect DeWine’s inauguration speech.

For inauguration day, the toolkit includes a link to the Ohio Channel broadcast of the swearing-in ceremony scheduled for noon on Jan. 14, along with a list of engaging discussion questions.

To continue the learning experience after inauguration day, the toolkit offers ideas for a letter writing activity to the governor and an exercise for American Government students to compare and contrast past and present inauguration speeches.

All activities are linked to Ohio’s Learning Standards and are grade-level appropriate for students from kindergarten to high school, with many activities focused on fourth grade students.

To access the toolkit, visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website at education.ohio.gov. Once on the homepage, click on the “Ohio’s Inauguration Toolkit” banner.