July 21, 2024

Ten experiences you shouldn’t miss in Meigs County, Ohio

Racine’s Party in the Park in Star Mill Park along the Ohio River is an annual event not to be missed. Photo by Brent Rose.

Racine’s Party in the Park in Star Mill Park along the Ohio River is an annual event not to be missed. Photo by Brent Rose.

Ten experiences you shouldn’t miss in Meigs County Ohio

Special to the Meigs Independent Press from Perry Varnadoe, Meigs County Economic Director

We often take for granted the wonderful and unique experiences right here in Meigs County for residents and visitors alike, in fact, Ohio, in general, has amazing things for everyone to be a part of or go to, from Short North restaurants to activity areas for kids. This list of ten is by no means a top ten list, nor is it the only ten, but it’s a great ten to start with for the sights, tastes, and heritage of Meigs County. Have you been, done, or tasted all 10? 

The Waterfall at Forked Run

The 791 acres of the idyllic state park next to the Shade River has one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region. The spillway was featured in the Columbus Dispatch in 2014 and still brings visitors from central Ohio to the county for the view. It’s one that everyone here shouldn’t miss.

The Pie at Millie’s

This wonderful piece of Americana on Bradbury Road has great food, friendly folks, and the daily special written on the dry erase board on the wall. The secret the locals know is that you can’t leave without a slice of the famous, indescribably delicious, home made pie. The meringue is a meal in itself, but go ahead and have the whole slice. There’s no need to talk about the nutrition information, it’s worth the calories.

Meigs County’s Ohio River Coastline

Did you know that we have 56+ miles of Ohio River shoreline? On a clear day, start at Ohio 124 near Hockingport and take the scenic drive along the coast all the way to Middleport along the river. You’ll see scenic vistas, some of the best farms in Ohio, a hallowed civil war battlefield memorial, and endless opportunities to stop and explore. Watch for traffic on weekends in April from Racine to Reedsville…..when the flowers are in bloom the greenhouses are full of visitors.

Party In The Park

After ten years and acts like Lee Brice and Joe Diffie, Racine’s Party in the Park is still the best small town, big party in southeastern Ohio. The red carpet is rolled out during the second weekend in September for residents and visitors alike with days of music, parades, pageants, and friendship in Star Mill Park. Mark your calendars now to be in town for this year’s event.

The Corner Restaurant in Middleport

At the corner of South 3rd and Main in Middleport you get the best barbecue within a days drive of the county, but only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The pork, chicken, and especially the brisket, melt in your mouth like ice in July. It’s a carnivore’s euphoria of flavor. Bonus points: If you’re there for breakfast the omelets are too big for any one plate in the county.

The Fur Peace Concert Hall

The Fur Peace Ranch is the most well known, best kept secret in the county. Guitar enthusiasts from around the country (and the world) line up to pay upwards of $1500 a weekend to receive virtuoso tutoring from our own Jorma Kaukonen and his legendary friends. Many of these instructors (and special guests) play Saturday night shows at the FPR Concert Hall and sometimes a few tickets are available (15 of the 19 shows for 2019 are already sold out). If you can find a ticket, don’t miss it.

The Ohio River View on a Foggy Morning

The next foggy morning grab a cup of coffee from River Roasters, Jittery Joe’s or McDonald’s, bring a chair and sit on the Ohio River bank and watch the fog lift off the mighty Ohio River. It’s an amazing and calming experience as the 981 mile long river reveals itself for another day. Bonus points: If you have an out of town visitor with you be prepared for their wide eyes when a coal barge floats by.

Fallen Soldiers’ Memorial at the Courthouse

On the 3rd floor of the Meigs County Courthouse is a beautiful memorial plaque that lists the names of the heroes from Meigs County that gave their lives fighting for our country, from World War I through Iraq. It’s impossible to read it without getting a lump in your throat thinking about the sacrifice they made and recognizing many of the families’ names from throughout the county. Take the elevator on Second Street to the third floor, Common Pleas Court side. You’ll be emotionally moved.


Tucked in on Lincoln Street in Middleport is the best little candy shop you’ll ever come across. For those of a certain age it will bring back memories of a simpler time, and kids of any age will enjoy the endless, and I mean endless, assortment of wrapped candy choices. Don’t forget to get the Soy Wax Candles from the 2nd Avenue Candle Company in Middleport while you’re there. Tuckerman’s, and our other locally owned small retail businesses in the county, is exactly what Easton and other malls try to emulate. Why drive there when the original is right here?

Charlie’s Red Star Barn

Charlie’s Red Star Barn has sheltered General Morgan’s Raiders, prohibition bootleggers, countless chickens, cows, and horses and now is the home of an amazing 2400 square foot performance center that hosts major blues and jazz shows in May, July and September. Located just outside of Harrisonville on Cotterill Road, it’s the home venue for the Mud Fork Blues Band and named after the Sheets’ family patriarch. Johnny Rawls and the Wild Honey Bees will be there in September. Tickets go fast!