Only charred remains left of Pomeroy business following fire

Only charred remains left of Pomeroy business following fire

POMEROY, Ohio – Fire fighters were on the scene again to deal with a few hot spots on March 17, 2019 following the fire list night at the Belt Transfer (Mountaineer Metals/Midwest Steel building).

The commercial structure located at 736 East Main Street in Pomeroy was a total loss following a blaze overnight in which five fire departments responded to battle. According to the Pomeroy Fire Department, around 11:15 p.m. on March 16, 2019 the fire fighters were alerted to the fire that quickly engulfed the structure. In addition to Pomeroy Fire Department, Middleport, Rutland, Syracuse and Mason responded to the scene. About 70 fire fighters worked to extinguish the blaze.

According to a statement released from the Pomeroy Fire Department, “Due to the size of the fire and heavy involvement, crews set up a defensive position and placed ladder trucks on both ends of the building. Crews from Mason and Syracuse set up water supply via hydrant supply to both ladders to use for extinguishment of heavy flames. Crews from the different departments also used hand lines to hit various fires pockets in and around the back side of the building. After two hours, crews made entry into the structure to hit hot spots, and fire pockets that were under part of the roof that had collapsed into the structure.”

What remained of the building was still smoldering this morning. Photo by Brent Rose.

The Mason, Syracuse and Rutland Fire Departments were released at 3 a.m. from the scene while Pomeroy and Middleport remained until 4:15 a.m. Pomeroy returned to the scene Sunday morning to address several hot spots. The remains of the building could be seen smoldering.

Additionally, AEP was on the scene last night and again today to “de-energize the power lines passing the rear of the structure and to monitor the three phase lines along East Main Street.”

Pomeroy Public Works employees were also on-scene to assist throughout the night. Meigs EMA was on the scene last night and again this morning as well.

The Ohio State Fire Marshal has also been called to investigate the origin of the fire.

What remains of the Belt Transfer building also known as Mountaineer Metals or Midwest Steel building. Photo by Brent Rose.

Responding to the fire from Pomeroy was Ladder 2, Pumper 1, Pumper 3, Rescue 4. Middleport responded with Ladder 16, Engine 13, and Rescue 17. Rutland responded with Engine 43 and Rescue 44 while Syracuse responded with Engines 31 and 34. Mason was on scene with Engines 51 and 53. Pomeroy and Middleport PD, and the Ohio Department of Transportation were also on the scene last night.

According to the Middleport Fire Department, Ladder 16 alone used “approximately 89,000 gallons of water through the deluge guns” to help bring the fire under control.

For more information, click the link below to the original story covering the fire along with video from the Meigs Independent Press.

Photos by Brent Rose.