Classified: Public Sale Storage Unit

Classified: Public Sale Storage Unit


Notice is hereby given that on September 21, 2019 at 1:00 pm. a public sale will be held for the purpose of satisfying a landlord’s lien on the contents of self-service storage room.  The goods to be sold are described generally as miscellaneous personal & household.  Each room will be opened for viewing immediately prior to solicitation of bids, no cartons or containers are to be opened. Each unit will be sold at one price for the entire unit. Each unit must be emptied and cleaned by 4pm on day of the sale, all garbage must be removed from the grounds and not put in Hill’s dumpster.

5 Bays Total

Bay #15, 28, 32, 37, 60

Name: Connie Wolfe

City: McArthur, OH

Terms of the sale will be cash or certified fund ONLY.

Hill’s Self Storage

29625 Bashan Rd

Racine, OH 45771