Southern FFA participates in 2019 FFA Forestry CDE

From left, Racine Southern FFA Forestry Team members Austin Rice, Raeven, Caelin Seth, Dylan Lyons, Rachel Jackson and Austin Rose. Submitted photo.

Southern FFA participates in 2019 FFA Forestry CDE

By Rachel Jackson, 2019-2020 Racine Southern FFA Reporter

The Racine Southern FFA chapter competed at The Annual District 10 Forestry Career Development (CDE) competition on Monday, September 16th.

Six members of the Racine Southern FFA chapter traveled to Hocking County, Ohio fairgrounds to compete in the annual District Forestry CDE. The members were judged on seven different categories and their scores were added to receive both team and individual scores. The categories that the participants were tested on are as follows: general knowledge, tree identification, timber cruising, equipment identification, timber stand improvement (TSI), chainsaw part identification, and tree and forest problems. 

General knowledge- The participant’s knowledge and understanding about forestry will be tested in a fifty question multiple choice quiz. Tree Identification- Participant’s must be able to examine a leaf or leaflet from a tree and be able to identify the tree that it came from. Timber Cruising- Participants are shown pre-numbered trees and required to determine the board foot volume that can be harvested from that tree. Equipment Identification- Participants are shown multiple tools and pieces of equipment typically used in forestry careers and are asked to identify them. Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)- Participants are given a plot of land and a scenario about the situation and they have to determine which tree to remove, harvest, or leave on the land based on the situation. Chainsaw Part Identification- Participants were asked to identify and label ten predetermined parts and pieces of a chainsaw. Tree and Forest Problems- Participants were shown photos or situations of tree and forest problems and asked to identify them. 

Overall the chapter placed fifth out of nine team with a score of 922. Individual scores are as follows: Rachel Jackson (272), Austin Rose (228), Caelin Seth (216), Raeven Reedy (206), Dylan Lyons (176), and Austin Rice (130).  Members are looking forward to improving their scores and competing again next year.

Article written and submitted by: Rachel Jackson, 2019-2020 Racine Southern FFA Reporter