Syracuse Closes Public Playgrounds, Picnic Shelters

Syracuse Closes Public Playgrounds, Picnic Shelters

SYRACUSE, Ohio – Syracuse Mayor Eric Cunningham has issued closed the playground equipment and other areas in the village due to COVID-19.

In a statement from Mayor Cunningham, “In the interest of the health and safety of our residents, and in order to decrease exposure to and transmission of the COVID- 19 virus and in consultation with the Ohio Department of Health today, public playgrounds and picnic shelters in the village are closed until further notice. This includes the Joy Bentley playground, the village park picnic shelter, the Syracuse Community Center playground and picnic shelter and the Carleton School playground. The ballfields are closed to all organized groups.”

Additionally, the statement read, “The grassy areas of the parks remain open to groups of 10 or fewer. Please remember that outdoor surfaces are not sanitized or disinfected. Take appropriate precautions, including using hand sanitizer.”

Mayor Cunningham urged everyone to follow the guidelines to help slow the spread of the virus, “I encourage everyone to stay at home if you can. If you have to be out, please follow the social distancing guidelines. Thank you for your understanding and patience during these difficult times.”

Mayor Cunningham may be contacted at 740-992-7777 (office), 740-444-5179(home) or 740-416-8591(cell), if you have any concerns or problems.