Meigs County students make Ohio University Dean’s List

Meigs County students make Ohio University Dean’s List

Ohio University has released OHIO’s Fall 2020 Dean’s List. Meigs County students were among the more than 8,400 students qualified for the fall semester 2020 Dean’s List at Ohio University, including main and regional campuses.

Students earning the Dean’s List by community –

Racine: Ashley Buchanan; Daniel Dunfee; Tori Chaney; Austin Baker; Kendra Robie; Riley Roush; Katelyn Barton; Parker Corbitt.

Syracuse: Talon Drummer; Macie Michael; Connor Thomas.

Pomeroy: Derrick Metheney; Josie Donahue; Mattison Finlaw; Megan King; Bryce Swatzel; Greg Sheets II; Garrett Rees; Carter Smith; Raeline Reeves; Lane Cullums; Makayla Kimes; Marissa Brooker; Brayden Cunningham.

Rutland: Dillion Mahr; Austin Mahr; Rusty Fields IV.

Middleport: Sydney Kennedy; Andrew Johnson; Paige Denney; Matthew Casci; Maci Hood; Cole Durst; Maddi Dyer; Luke Musser; Aubree Lyons; Sarah Curl.

Tuppers Plains: Jess Parker.

Reedsville: Amanda Cole; Maddie Kuhn; Ally Durst; Sidney Cook; Courtney Bauerbach; Garrett Ritchie; Sophia Carleton; Mollie Maxon; Dillon Swatzel; Bryce Salyers.

Long Bottom: Elayna Bissell; Emily Van Meter; Gage Carleton; Krista Miller; Gabby Beeler.

Portland: Mallory Johnson.

Shade: Jenna Jordan; Marissa Noble; Shade Seffens; Grace Savage; Jackie Jordan.

OHIO students must earn at least a 3.5 grade point average for the semester with a schedule of classes totaling at least 15 hours, 12 of which were taken for letter grades, to achieve this distinction.

Over 40 states were represented on the Dean’s List, including: Arizona, Connecticut, California, Florida, Illinois, Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio. Students also represented Ireland, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, Canada and many other countries.