The Church Mouse: Finding Directions

The Church Mouse: Finding Directions

“The Lord will guide you always.” – Isaiah 58:11

Have you heard of Christopher Columbus? We just celebrated a holiday for him. Do you know what is so special about Columbus? What was he famous for? History says he discovered America. So Columbus discovered America. He wasn’t the first person to discover it, but he is the most famous and he got the credit for it. Whether he deserves it or not. However, the funny thing is, he wasn’t even looking for America. He was actually looking for a shortcut to Asia, but he ran into America instead.

Columbus never really found what he was looking for. I know why,  Columbus was one of those guys who refuse to stop and ask for directions. (A lot of people are like that.)

If you’re going to go somewhere, you need to have good directions or you might end up like I did, awhile back on the way to a football game. We were following the GPS and it took us somewhere other than where we were planning to be! On the way to a band completion the GPS told us to turn where there was no place to turn!

Fortunately, we Christians have excellent directions. We have directions that come straight from God.  They are in the Bible. There are no directions for finding America, your way to a football game or a band completion in the Bible. But there are directions to His heavenly kingdom and directions for how we should live in order to get there. All the directions you will ever need while living here on earth are written in the Bible and if we follow those directions, we won’t end up in the wrong place! 

Prayer—“Heavenly Father; we thank you for giving us directions to guide us through life.  We ask that you give us the wisdom to read and follow your directions.  And Father, when we mess up and go our own way, please guide us back to you. Amen.”

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