The Church Mouse: Love

“This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” – John 15:12-13

Valentine’s Day is almost here so I wanted to talk about love.
Love is a great thing!  We all need love. 
It is the way God programed us. 
Here is a little story about love. 

“A family was in a serious traffic accident. The youngest son, Mike, was seriously injured and needed blood. His big brother, Danny, who was only 8-years-old, had the same blood type. Their Dad explained carefully how important it was for Mike to have blood in order to live, and how great it would be if Danny could help out. 
There was silence for a while, finally Danny said, “Yes, Daddy, I’ll give my blood so Mike can get better.” They put the needle in his vein and drew out the blood they needed. Danny was very scared, but he never moved or made a sound during the whole process. 
Once the needle was out, Danny looked up at his Dad, and with tears running down his cheeks said. 
 “Daddy, how long before I die?” 
It was only then that the Dad realized that Danny didn’t know he was just giving some of his blood and not all it. He thought he was giving up his life for his brother!” Now that is brotherly love. This little boy loved his little brother enough that he was willing give up his own life so that his little brother could live. 

Would you be willing to do that for someone? Jesus did that for us! 

He willingly let himself be arrested, tried and found guilty. 
He was stripped of his clothing and flogged. 
He dragged a heavy cross thru the crowded streets of Jerusalem. 
He allowed them to shove a crown of thorns down on his head and mock Him. 
He allowed those Roman soldiers to nail him to the cross. 
He hung there nearly naked,before allowing himself to die in the hot sun that day. 

This was the same Jesus whom the angels sang about.  The same Jesus whom the shepherds and wise men worshiped at birth. This was the same Jesus who had raised the dead. The very same Jesus who barely a week earlier was greeted and hailed as a king.

What happened? 
Why did Jesus do all of this? 
Why did he allow all of this to happened to him? 

There is one word that answers all of these questions. 
He loved us then and he still loves us today! 

Prayer— “Most gracious God, let me never forget the love that you have shown to me this day. Help me to show love, mercy and kindness to everyone I come in contact with just as Jesus show to me. Help me Father, God to spread your love in this mean angry world. Help me to live my life, so that I may be worthy of the blessings you give me each day. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.”

the Church Mouse 
Work hard; Pray harder!