Renovation project planned for Rutland Civic Center

Renovation project planned for Rutland Civic Center

RUTLAND, Ohio — Built in 1955, the 68 year old Rutland Civic Center continues to stand as a pillar in the community.

Now, the historic building is preparing for a face lift as Rutland Mayor Tyler Eblin announces a $58,000 investment in an upcoming renovation project.

The Rutland Civic Center Phase I Renovation Project will usher in improvements to the main lobby, corridors, gymnasium, stage and exterior windows.

Phase I will begin with caulking, sealer and paint work in the building’s main lobby, gymnasium, stage and corridor. 

In the main lobby and corridors, furnishings will be removed and the ceiling and walls will be painted. Floors will be stripped and sealed with a new wax coating.

In the gymnasium, the upper white wall will receive a fresh coat of paint. The lower portion, painted black, had been repainted in 2021. The red stripe will be repainted crimson red to better reflect the colors of the former Rutland High School and to better match the color of the front stage curtain.

The gymnasium stage walls will also receive a fresh coat of paint and the stage floor will be stripped and sealed with a new wax coating.

Corridor ceilings and walls will too receive a fresh coat of paint. New black vinyl commercial tile flooring will be laid and sealed with a wax coating.

Phase I will continue with a comprehensive restoration of the Center’s gymnasium floor with over 1,000 square feet of damaged flooring set to be demolished and replaced. The 7,200 square feet floor will then be sanded, marked and coated with a polyurethane sealer. 

Also included in phase I is replacement of 24 existing window units with new, energy efficient window units.

Phase II, currently under planning and pending funding, will tentatively involve the restrooms and concession area and include removal of existing restroom toilets and stalls, replaced by handicap accessible toilets and stalls; the installation of heating and cooling units; and cosmetic improvements. For the concession area, phase II calls for removal of existing counters and cabinets, sink and appliances, replaced by new counters, a three compartment sink, hand washing sink and new appliances, along with cosmetic improvements.

Village government offices will be grouped into the subsequent phases of the building’s renovation, for which official planning has not yet begun.

“Renovations planned for the initial phase are aimed at improving the building’s interior aesthetic, safety on the gymnasium floor, and energy efficiency,” comments Mayor Eblin. “Good appearance and accommodation of any business is the first step in customer satisfaction, and we aim to make the Rutland Civic Center one of the more premier, historic venues in southeast Ohio.” 

Funding for phase I renovations will be allocated as follows: $26,500 from the Community Development Block Grant; $20,000 from the Rutland Bottle Gas Endowment; $12,545 from the American Rescue Plan Act Fund; and $1,455 from the Rutland Civic Center Fund. 

“The project is fully funded by means of grants and contributions,” comments Mayor Eblin. “No capital improvements bonds are required and the Village’s general fund remains untouched.”

Mayor Eblin notes concerns were expressed regarding the condition of the building’s roof during fiscal year 2020. Substantial repairs have since been made by a professional contractor. 

“The repairs have bought us additional time to procure capital improvement funding for the building’s more than 13,000 square feet of rubber roofing,” comments Mayor Eblin. “At this point, I’m not too concerned. We will continue to provide routine and effective maintenance to keep the Center weathertight.”

RVC Architects has been selected as the lead architect. Brown Painting Contractors has been selected to complete paint work in the building.

Public notice will be given announcing the bidding period for general contractors interested in completing the gymnasium floor restoration project. The bidding period is to be determined.

“The Village of Rutland and I extend our utmost sincerest appreciation to all of those who have financially contributed to the Rutland Civic Center,” comments Mayor Eblin. “Through the support of our donors, revenue generated through the Painting with Michele Musser Program, and most importantly, the Rutland Bottle Gas, Rutland High School Alumni Association, Meigs County Board of Commissioners and the Community Development Block Grant Program, we have been able to devise one of the largest renovation projects in the history of the Rutland Civic Center.”

Paint work in the building is expected to begin in later this month. Installation of new windows will take place between July and September of this year. Restoration of the gymnasium floor is to be determined.