homecomingHomecoming 2014 is just days away for some, and a new year means a new dress!

There are lots of styles this year but a major trend taking the homecoming scene by storm is steering away from the usual dress that has dominated for so long. Dresses with sheer short sleeves, or even long sleeves, with lots of embellishments including laces, flower detailing, and of course lots of sparkles, will probably be worn this year. Additionally, some people might even prefer to opt for a strapless dress to draw attention to their shoulders. Strapless is quite traditional, so a lot of people do tend to choose this type of dress. If you’re considering a strapless dress, it’s important to also try and find a good strapless bra to make sure you’re supported throughout the evening. To help you find the best-rated strapless bras, it might be worth looking at the recommended bras on Rank & Style, for example. That could help you find the perfect strapless bra to match your beautiful dress. Be sure to find the dress that suits you best though.

This year is particularly exciting in homecoming fashions because this style can be adapted in so many ways to fit every style from classic, bold, and can even work for those girls that like to keep things on the more plain side. If sleeves sound too stuffy for you, do not worry. Lots of these sheer sleeved dresses have a peek-a-boo type opening in the back if you are comfortable with showing a little extra skin. This really is the trend for the year so the example pictures will display this trend throughout.

Most of the dresses this year also have a focus on accentuating the waist area by highlighting it with a fabric band, with jewels, or just by the way the lace or other embellishments are placed to accentuate the figure. Some girls may worry that this style is not flattering to everyone, but this style is made to draw the attention to the smallest area. You can make this work for you by determining the point where your waist is and its smallest area and find a dress with a matching length waist area. Not all dresses go in at the same area so look for the one that works best for you.

Gone is the body-con! You do not have to have a tight figure hugging dress to look fabulous on the big night of the dance. Big full skirts with lots of bounce and volume are a hot trend this year. Skirts like this are a lot easier to dance the night away in than a body-con skirt and they look like a lot more fun on the dance floor.

You’ll have a blue, blue homecoming! If you find a blue dress you fall in love with and see a lot of other girls rocking the same color, do not be surprised. Blue is a big color this year, in all sorts of shades ranging from pastels to jewel tone blues. So how do you make your blue dress stand out from the crowd? One way is to pick a dress with unique details of lace, flower detailing, or jewels. Another way is to keep in mind complimentary colors, the color wheel is not just for art class. Orange is the complimentary color for blue so for a pastel blue lean towards a pastel coral color; the brighter the blue gets the brighter and more vibrant you can go with the orange. However, jewel tone blue does not always look flattering with orange, so keep the orange very minimal in small pops on a bracelet, necklace, or headband. Orange is not the only color you can accent with though. Try pairing pastel blue with a pastel mint green, pastel pink, or a nude color. Jewel tone blue can be paired with an emerald green, royal purple, gold, or lighter colors of blue. Other colors of pastels and jewel tones are also in, as well as nudes with color accents on the dress, so do not think your dress is not on trend if it is not blue.

If these styles sound like something you are interested in for your homecoming, or even if you still are not sure, check out the style gallery below.

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