Letter to the Editor – My vote is for Sarah Grace

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My Vote is for Sarah Grace

You see, my wife and I rented from Sarah for several years before we got married, and the way Sarah treated us- especially my wife- was phenomenal.

Early in to my relationship with my wife (then partner), began to suffer from misdiagnosed and untreated mental illness. She was in and out of hospitals and treatement centers all over the region. During this time ,the lease on her apartment ended. She moved in with her sister, but sadly a couple weeks later that lease was up too, and her sister was moving hundreds of miles away.

On the verge of homelessness and in no state to go apartment hunting, her mom came down and found a place Sarah was renting out. We explained the situation to Sarah- not only were there only two people for a 3-bedroom, we were waiting to hear back about my partner’s disability claim.

With no gaurantee she would ever see rent in full, Sarah let my partner and another relative rent out a place- no doubt at a loss. She didn’t mention anything about the apartments no credit check situation, she swept that under the rug. Another six months passed before my partner’s claim was accepted, with back dated pay from her application date. Six months Sarah never saw a dime from my partner, and never said a word. Sarah took a huge risk, and ended up keeping my partner as renters for several years, only ending when we got married.
Her compassion for someone in need is a trat that is really going to help her if she wins. Seeing how far Sarah is willing to go to help someone gives me hope, and I will support her in any and all political endevours she pursues.

-Sunni L Sparks
Direct Support Professional, Nelsonville